The Bossís Convenient Bride
by Jennie Adams
(Silh. Romance # 1833, $4.25, PG) ISBN 0373-19833-7
Nicholas Monroe is the CEO of Monroe Security Company. He has a harebrained notion that he cannot become emotionally involved with a wife because that will make him a weak man. Claire Dalgliesh is a clerical worker in the steno pool. She is promoted to Nicholasís assistant when his regular assistant goes on leave. The promotion comes at a great time. Claire needs money and lots of it, to pay off a blackmailer. It seems her sister Sophie stole some money from her former boss, and then before she could pay it back, was discovered. Now Sophie is married to a Senator and she doesnít want this revealed. So Claire takes on the payment while Sophie is off on her honeymoon. I have no idea why this seemed like a good idea to either of them, but there you have it.

Nicholas opens the story by asking Claire to marry him. He thinks they will be compatible and doesnít think he will risk falling for her. Claire is insulted and tells him no, until he threatens to send her back to the steno pool. Since Claire only owes one more payment, she agrees to marry him, with the caveat that they keep it secret until Sophie returns. Her internal plan is to pay off the blackmailer and then get out of the agreement to marry. After all, she loves Nicholas and has for some time. She couldnít bear to be married to him with so much of her heart invested while he just tolerated her.

There is no rhyme or reason to this plot line and the whole story seemed to fall apart around it. Claire didnít know her own mind, one minute being passionately in love with Nicholas and then next pushing him away so she didnít end up heartbroken. Nicholas seemed to be a smart man, but his thought processes were ridiculous. Then he started to fall for Claire and feel passion for herÖand he became as wishy-washy as Claire.

The entire tale moves from the office to their respective homes to a beach resort. It seems very hit or miss wherever they are. You never know which version of the two characters is going to show up, or who will be the one to push the other away. Sophie is a wimp. While she is not featured much, I just wanted to shake her and make her take her own responsibility for her actions. There is a brief skirmish with the blackmailer, but it adds little to the tale.

Adams is a new author and does show some freshness in her love scenes. They are well-written. The Bossís Convenient Bride is set in Australia and she sets up some lovely scenery that is vibrant on the pages. Her charactersí logic is off, but the tale did move nicely and there was a good flow to the story. I just hope she can find a bit more logical subject matter to write about next time.

--Shirley Lyons

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