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Timeless Moon
by C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp
(Tor, $6.99 , PG-13) ISBN 978-0765356659 
Timeless Moon is book six in the Sazi shapeshifter series, but it seems to stand well on its own. However, let me say right off, if you’re looking for tempestuous romance, keep looking. This book is more adventure than romance. 

Josette Monier (Josie) is a powerful, tormented and long-lived Sazi seer who has isolated herself in the wilds of Arizona because being around others triggers violent visions. She also thinks she’s just a little bit crazy.   

As the story opens, Josie is attacked by a snake shifter who has infiltrated her sanctuary.  Apparently she spends a lot of time fending off attempts on her life.  However, this shifter is much more powerful than she’s ever battled before – her first clue that this new enemy might become a bigger problem.  During the attack, a Sazi agent named Tasha opportunely shows up and helps Josie defeat the snake.  Tasha is there to ask for help in breaking up a child slavery ring.  Josie has a vision that seems to link the snake shifter and what’s happening with the slavers, but still refuses to help.  That is, until her house blows up … 

Meanwhile, Josie’s former husband, Rick, whom Josie believes dead, is being pulled out of his retirement in the South Dakota wilderness by Sazi leadership.  Some illness is attacking all the Sazi seers except Josie, and they want Rick to go ask for her help. After all, if she’s immune, then perhaps there is a cure.  So Rick packs up and heads south. 

After the explosion, Josie heads north, and eventually she and Rick meet up.  With the help of an interesting cast of supporting characters, a sort of Sazi underground, Josie and Rick are able to knock off a lot of bad guys, figure out what is happening to the other seers, and save the day.   

Because of the visions, Josie is quite intense.  She’s also tough, tender and complex, and not too sure whether her talent is a blessing or a curse.  Rick, an empath, is not quite as volatile, a nice foil for Josie.  The plot moves along at a cracking pace; convoluted, yet believable (considering we’re talking about shapeshifters!).   

Timeless Moon is enjoyable but it lacks strong romantic elements.  Rick and Josie seem to love each other, but it’s not a passionate relationship, emotionally or physically.  The plot is driving the story, not their relationship, so don’t expect hearts and flowers or many intimate encounters.   

And speaking of plot, there are a few unresolved story lines that should play out in the next book.  

--Jean Ward

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