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Susan Andersen

Baby, I'm Yours by Susan Andersen
(Avon, $5.99, R) ISBN: 0-380-79511-6
Fast-paced, non-stop, action-filled, breathless, exciting, etc. All of these adjectives and more apply to Susan Andersen's new romantic suspense novel, Baby, I'm Yours. That it also has an intriguing plot and characters makes this an easy book to recommend.

"Bounty hunter" Sam McKade just happens to be at the Miami airport in time to see the curvaceous, sexy showgirl, Kaylee MacPherson hopping on a plane to Seattle. Sam knows that by fleeing Florida, Kaylee is breaking the terms of the bond she posted when she was accused of stealing a car. He sees a chance to earn a quick reward, which will get he and his army buddy one step closer to the fishing lodge they hope to buy. So Sam hustles after Kaylee, only to miss her. He then gets on a plane to Seattle to bring her back.

Kaylee is fleeing to her twin sister, Catherine, not because she fears the car theft rap (she figures her boyfriend Bobby who lent her the car will straighten things out when he gets back.) But she heard the owner of the club she works in order a hit and fears that she will be the next victim. So she runs to her sensible sister Catherine, who has spent her life getting her twin out of trouble.

When Sam arrives at Catherine's door, Kaylee flees out the back, leaving her sister holding the bag. Sam doesn't buy the story that Kaylee has a twin. Rather he puts his cuffs on Catherine and drags her off to Miami by bus! You see, he is trying to save money. Catherine determines to do everything possible to make his trip memorable.

Kaylee repents her actions almost immediately, and when good old Bobby arrives to come to her assistance, they start out after Sam and Catherine. Also in pursuit is Chains Slovak, the murderer, who has been ordered to get rid of the only witness. Chains has to be about the dumbest hit man ever created by an author, but as his employer says, "It's hard to get good help when you can't look up "hit man" in the Yellow Pages."

The trip across the west is in turn both funny and frightening; frightening when Chains gets too close for comfort; funny when Cat is doing her best to cause problems for Sam. This unlikely pair exchange insults as each tries to get the better of the other. But there is that underlying attraction that keeps threatening to explode.

Andersen's handling of the twin experience is deftly done. Although alike in appearance, the two seem completely different in personality. Catherine is the clever, responsible and intelligent twin; Kaylee is the wild, flamboyant, and sensual twin. As the story proceeds, both discover that perhaps they are more alike than they ever knew.

Andersen is a very talented writer. Her dialogue is excellent; each character sounds just as you think they should. (Be aware that the dialogue is very salty) Her love scenes sizzle, and I mean sizzle. Her characters really come to life and her plot mostly holds together.

I've heard quite a bit of talk about Susan Andersen but have never been able to get my hands on any of her earlier releases. I looked forward to reading this book and can say that I am not disappointed. Readers who like their romances suspenseful and steamy will enjoy Baby, I'm Yours.

--Jean Mason

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