How A Lady Weds A Rogue
by Katharine Ashe
(Avon, $7.99, PG13) ISBN 978-0-06-203189-1
How A Lady Weds A Rogue is the third book in Katharine Ashe's Falcon Club series, although it stands well as a complete story on its own.

Diantha Lucas is a beautiful young woman on a mission, we meet her as she voyages alone, trying to track down her long gone mother. Her plan has gone slightly awry as her maid has run off and she finds herself unchaperoned and without help. She studies her fellow passengers, giving the reader wry and humorous descriptions of her fellow travellers and her surroundings. Despairing, Diantha sets eyes on a very handsome young man, and quickly latches on to him for assistance.

Wyn Yale's a man who is led by duty and self discipline, and he's a sucker for damsel in distress, so he agrees to help Diantha out.

Wyn's also a secret agent for the Falcon Club, and he can't afford to be distracted by Diantha on his current mission to kill an evil duke. He's risking a lot just to help a lady out and he keeps thinking that he will return her home as soon as possible, to get her tucked there safely. Also, he's seriously attracted to the lovely, gently bred woman, which is an added reason to get her back home. Unfortunately, it doesn't happen as Wyn plans, especially since Diantha feels the same attraction, and she's not too shy to act on it.

Diantha also has suspicions that Wyn is on some sort of quest, and she wants to help the man she's interested in, even though it seems that he's pushing her away. Undeterred by Wyn's attitude and secretive ways, Diantha decides to try to get under his skin in any way she can -regardless of the cost.

How A Lady Weds A Rogue is a detailed historical romance with a charming beginning. Diantha's initial appearance in the story as a hard up traveler people-watching as she journeys alone is attention catching and wittily written. Her initial meeting and first few hours with Wyn jumps with sparky attraction and mutual interest. Unfortunately, it falters fairly quickly as nothing other than a push-pull of fairly boring dialogue categorized as lust happens for most of the middle of the story.

Also, Diantha degenerates into a fake ingenue whenever she and Wyn get thrown into any intimacy with a slyly repetitive no-yes dynamic which was very annoying.

While it had a solid beginning, How A Lady Weds A Rogue fell flat fairly quickly for me.

--Amy Wroblewsky

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