Seduction of a Highland Lass
by Maya Banks
(Ballantine, $7.99, PG-13) ISBN 978-0345-51949-8
Maya Banks is fast becoming one of my favorite authors. Seduction of a Highland Lass is book two in her stories about the McCabe clan in Scotland in the time when David was trying to protecting his throne from warring clans. This tale is about Alaric, the middle brother and his lovely lady Keeley.

Alaric has sworn to wed the McDonald heiress in order to unite the clans and ensure that there is an alliance strong enough to fight the McCabes’ sworn enemy Cameron. Cameron used trickery and stormed the McCabe castle several years before. The McCabes have rebuilt and have funds to fight…ever since Ewan married the heiress to another wealthy land. The McDonald’s land lies in between and this alliance will make things settled.

On his way to meet his bride and sign the betrothal papers, Alaric and his men are attacked. All are killed but Alaric and he is gravely injured. He falls in the yard of a woman who is known as a healer, but who has also been thrown out of the McDonald clan for an action she did not do…the old Laird claimed she tried to seduce him when in reality he was trying to rape her and got caught. Keeley is living in a cottage near the McDonald lands and makes her living healing those who seek her out. She is determined to nurse this warrior back to health. Ewan finds them and returns Keeley to the McCabe lands to continue to nurse Alaric and also be there when his wife, Mairn gives birth to their child in a few months.

Alaric and Keeley fall in love even though both are fully aware that Alaric’s fate is to marry another. After doing all they can to stay away, they gave in to temptation. What I liked about this is that they both went in with open eyes and never kidded themselves that this would end any other way. It was heartbreaking to see on the day that Alaric actually stood before the priest. Without saying more, this was a book that caused me to smile, laugh and at times cry. I grew to like Ewan and Mairn more than in their book and look forward to Calaen’s book, the third brother.

My best suggestion is to read In Bed with a Highlander before reading this one. The two are greatly enmeshed and this title does not seem like it would be easy to follow without the background. But one you have read In Bed, prepare to enjoy Seduction of a Highland Lass all the more.

--Shirley Lyons

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