In Bed With a Highander

The Tycoon's Secret Affair

Wanted by Her Lost Love
by Maya Banks
(Harl. Desire #2119, $4.99. PG-13) ISBN 978-0373-73132-9
Maya Banks has become an author I can readily pick up and know that I will be entertained. While this wasn’t her best, Wanted by Her Lost Love was an enjoyable reading experience.

Ryan Beardsley and Kelly Christian were destined to be married, or so they thought. Despite the difference in their backgrounds and socio-economic statuses they fell in love and were very happy. In fact, Kelly had just determined that she was pregnant and was excited to be able to tell Ryan. But on her way out of their apartment, she was intercepted by his brother, who told her to get out or else. He started to assault her and it was only her cunning kick that allowed her to get out. When she rushed to Ryan’s office, he called Ryan giving him another version of the story. He told how Kelly had seduced him and when he threatened to go to Ryan she assured him that Ryan would believe her story of the assault. Blinded by hurt and rage, Ryan believed his brother and kicked Kelly out with just a large check for her trouble.

Now about six months later, Ryan is still devastated and worried that Kelly never cashed the check he had given her. Fearing the worst, he sends an investigator out looking for her. When he confronts her, he finds her in a dingy diner in Dallas, waiting tables and of course, six months pregnant. She is barely making ends meet and yet, refuses to cash the check he literally threw at her. She interpreted his actions as the worst sort of betrayal and until she is homeless, she is determined not to use the money.

Ryan barges in and, in a very high-handed way, he takes over her life, forcing her to the doctor, where they discover that she needs bed rest to carry the baby to term. Ryan still loves her, even though he believes she betrayed him with his brother. Kelly still loves him, however she is angry that he failed her in her time of need. They have a lot to get through and their many efforts are both successful at times and with many drawbacks at others. When the truth comes out, Ryan has to choose between Kelly and his brother.

I liked Ryan and could see his point of view. I liked Kelly and could see her point of view. While Ryan was at times too overbearing, Kelly countered with being a little too vulnerable. Luckily neither stayed in these less than attractive traits too long. When an author is able to make both characters likable and let the reader understand both points of view, it is clear she has some skills. When highly emotional situations were in the mix it was her masterful writing that kept the tale from being bogged down in overly sentimental situations or overtly unrealistic reactions by the participants.

While this was not the best Banks story, it was definitely one that kept me reading and left me walking away smiling.

--Shirley Lyons

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