Forget Me Not
by Susan Bowden
(Signet, $6.99, G) ISBN -451-19934-0
When a book billed as romantic suspense contains little romance and almost no suspense, readers should think twice before spending their time and money. So think twice before buying Forget Me Not.

Art gallery owner Lisa Cooper has had a phobia concerning water all her life. She panics every time the river in her Canadian town starts rising. Lisa's nightmares are getting progressively worse and her fears are starting to seriously affect her everyday life. Her psychiatrist wonders if some trauma in Lisa's past is the reason for her fears.

Lisa knows nothing about the first few years of her life except that she was adopted by her childhood nanny and her nanny's husband. Lisa's adoptive mother recently died and Lisa hesitates to ask her grieving father about her past.

When she finally confronts her father about her biological family, he reluctantly gives her a letter left by her adoptive mother. The letter contains little explanation but it does give her a family name, Kingsley, and a location, Exmoor, England.

Lisa heads to England in search of clues to her past and her fears. When she reaches Exmoorshe, she finds the Kingsley family lives in a grand manor and that they are not well liked by people in the town. There's even speculation that owners Alec and Rachel Kingsley murdered Alec's first wife.

Lisa literally runs into a little girl, Emily, and her father, Richard, who just happen to be relatives of Alec's second wife, Rachel. They befriend Lisa and ask her to accompany them to the Kingsley's for lunch. When she meets Alec Kingsley, Lisa is shocked to see her own blue eyes looking back at her. She's even more shocked to learn his first wife drowned in a terrible flood.

Forget Me Not is easy to forget: the plot is predictable and full of coincidences. This tale needs more red herrings, more of an attempt to keep readers guessing as to the villain's identity. Because there's little in the way of suspense, I was hoping for more in the way of romance but there's not much going on in that department either. Certainly a little more of a presence by the hero would have been most welcome.

For me, none of the characters in Forget Me Not were particularly interesting. And because I felt little for the characters, I never felt involved with the story line.

--Judith Flavell

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