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Skin Deep by Tori Carrington
(Harl. Tempt. #890, $4.25, R) ISBN 0-373-25990-5
Kyra White has just been publicly dumped - again. However, instead of indulging in post-break-up depression fueled by loads of Ben & Jerryís ice cream, she takes matters into her own hands. She finds the perfect self-help manual in Sex Kitten 101 and boring, steady Kyra soon turns into va-va-voom Kyra.

Michael Romero is Kyraís best friend, and has been half in love with her ever since they met on the job years before. They just never got around to hooking up. Either one or both of them were always seeing someone, and besides - they had a good friendship going. Who would want to jeopardize that? Then Michael comes face to face with the new Kyra, and things really begin to heat up.

Husband and wife writing team, Tori Carrington, take the appealing theme of friends-to-lovers, turn up the heat, and create a fun, sexy read.

Kyra is a woman in a rut. Sheís nice, sweet, dependable - and has horrible taste in men. If thereís a jerk within a 10-mile radius, she will have set her sights on him. None of these ill-fated relationships last terribly long, but with each failure, Kyra questions herself. When she unlocks the sex kitten persona, it is initially a way to get back at the latest jerk. Instead, she finds the whole experiment liberating - and the hedonistic attraction she shares with Michael is just icing on the cake.

Michael is a career-minded guy who is really in love with Kyra from the very beginning - he just doesnít recognize it. The sex kitten speaks directly to his hormones - but he denies his attraction in the beginning for fear of damaging their friendship beyond repair. Naturally, he canít control himself for long - which means Michael must try to sort out his conflicting feelings for the woman who is not only his best friend, but his creative, new lover as well.

After the couple succumbs to their desire (over and over again), they must then deal with the repercussions. Is Kyra having some sort of identity crisis with her sexy, new image? Is Michael attracted to Kyra his friend or Kyra the sex goddess? Can they be lovers and remain friends?

Part of the Temptation Heat line, Skin Deep is a prime candidate for a late summerís day at the beach. Itís hot, itís sexy, and romantic couple sizzles on the page. I know Iíll never look at chocolate and shower massagers the same way - ever again.

--Wendy Crutcher

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