The Accidental Werewolf

Accidentally Dead
by Dakota Cassidy
(Berkley, $14., NC-17 for language) ISBN 978-0-425-22159-4
Nina Blackman isn't your typical heroine. She's not even your typical vampire. Hell, when we met her in The Accidental Werewolf, she wasn't even a typical girl. For one thing, she's a dental hygienist. No pun on the previous statement intended, but she also spends a lot of time with at least one of her feet in her mouth - not that Nina lets that stop or even slow her mile-a-minute mouth and constant swearing.

Nina was one of the highlights of The Accidental Werewolf, and she doesn't disappoint in a novel of her own. Accidentally Dead opens with Nina suffering the pangs of a new vampire - not that she believes that's what has happened to her. Then the uberhot guy who bit her during a routine procedure shows up and keeps showing up to convince her that what has happened is this: Nina is now, albeit accidentally and unfortunately, a daylight-fearing, blood-drinking, hypersensitive, immortal vampire.

Once she finally comes to terms with this - although not with Greg, whom she continues to harass incessantly - Nina becomes convinced that there is a way to revert to her human state. Her primary reasons for wanting this are the lack of hotwings in her diet, the need to pay her bills, and sheer stubbornness.

Greg tries to make it clear that there is no way to change her back, even getting his mother involved on his side, which just takes Nina's wild imagination over the edge; now she's sure that Greg's running some kind of scam designed to create a vampire nation. By the time Nina gets over her theory (primarily via a pretty hot relationship with a certain vampire), she's up to her ears in vampire politics and Greg's time on earth is drawing to a close. Being a nice guy despite her reservations, Greg is determined to keep Nina out of his mess, but our girl has a way of getting into predicaments all by herself - don't even think she'll stay out of one that involves her man. Vampire. Whatever.

Though Gregori doesn't have the presence in this novel that the hero of the previous one did, it seems to suit Accidentally Dead perfectly; Nina's concerns in life mainly revolve around Nina. Nina's grandmother is a rare exception and a fun character in her own right, bringing a dollop more hilarity to a book based on fun. Nina, despite her numerous flaws, is a likeable character simply because she is so blatantly imperfect.

I did enjoy Accidentally Dead more than The Accidental Werewolf, probably because I liked Nina and Greg more than Marti and Keegan. It's easy enough to get through it without having read the first book, and readers will quickly find there's nothing too taxing on the brain about Cassidy's books. This would make an excellent summer read, but could just as easily fill in the post-holiday need for a little down time.

--Sarrah Knight

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