Unexpected Bride

Finally a Bride
by Lisa Childs
(Harl. American #1230, $4.99, PG) ISBN 0-373-75234-2
Having read several of the “Wedding Party” series, I was most interested in reading about the runaway bride.  This series has followed the members of the wedding party of the marriage of Molly McClintock and Josh Towers. There were her best friends Brenna, Abby and Colleen and the men included her brother, the best man and the groom. The stories are take place simultaneously and Finally a Bride is one of the better entries I read.

Molly settled for a rich doctor and his two twin sons, whose mother left them to find her own life. Josh is a nice guy and looking for a place to raise his sons and be content. He didn’t really love Molly, but felt they fit. Molly didn’t really love him, but felt he was safe and someone she could depend on.  She also didn’t have to worry about being devastated if something happened to him. When her beloved father died, she watched her mother grieve and didn’t know if she could do the same. 

On the night before the wedding, she got cold feet and told Josh she was having second thoughts. He wasn’t completely surprised, therefore, when she left him a note in the vestry of the church after she snuck out the window. One reason she left was because she thought her friend Brianna was falling for the good doctor.  Another was that she didn’t know how she felt about her other best friend, Eric South. 

Eric and Molly had been friends forever. They even became “engaged” in the second grade. But Eric joined the military and left Molly, even after she tried to stop him by giving him her virginity. They have been friends since then, but much more distant. Eric was injured and is back living in a cabin. Molly went to medical school, partly in response to her father’s cancer that no one could cure.

Now Molly takes off from her wedding and ends up at Eric’s door. This is clearly their story. And it is a fun, engaging and at times, heartbreaking look at love with someone who you think you know as well as you know yourself. They trade barbs and they avoid the tough subjects. Yet they share and laugh and eventually find that they are two pieces of a whole. Their antics range from crashing the “wedding reception turned welcome home party” to going to town incognito. It is amazingly fun because they aren’t fooling anyone! 

They have help from members of their families who seem to realize that they should have been the two getting married all along. And the rest of the wedding party finally settles into their lives too.

I doubt this will stand alone, if you have not read at least one of the other parts of the series. There were things left unsaid that I knew because I had read Josh and Brenna’s story. And it definitely whets my appetite to find the other titles of the two stories I have not read yet. Finally A Bride is a good ending for the series – but read the other books too for total enjoyment. 

--Shirley Lyons

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