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Marrying for King’s Millions
by Maureen Child
(Silh. Desire #1862, $4.75, R) ISBN 978-0-373-76862-2
Julie O’Hara and Travis King have been friends since they were children.  When Travis realizes that in order to settle a deal for his winery it would be helpful to have a wife, he offers Julie the position.  The marriage that he is offering is not the happily ever after kind; he has a contract written up that stipulates that they will remain married for one year and at the end of that time Travis will provide Julie the financial support that she needs to open the bakery she has been dreaming about.   

It does not take Julie long to realize that after having already had one failed marriage, she does not want to add a second.  On the morning of her wedding, Julie balks at the thought of a marriage of convenience and Travis has to convince her to go through with the wedding.  Everything seems to be going along just fine until Julie’s ex-husband shows up at the reception.  Julie and Jean Claude had only been married for two weeks before she realized that she had made a gigantic mistake and requested a divorce.  He agreed and told her that he would get one in Mexico and a month later, assured her that it was done and they were no longer married. 

  Jean Claude has crashed her second wedding to tell her that he had never gone through with the divorce and that she is now a bigamist.  Travis of course becomes incredibly angry and pays Jean Claude the $100,000 that he asks for in order to keep quiet long enough for Travis and Julie to travel to Mexico to ensure that her first marriage is absolved and to repeat their own vows. 

The situation is becoming more complicated than either had anticipated, leading Julie to wonder if it is worth it.  She had always wanted to open a bakery but had been unable to save enough money.  Travis’s proposal had seemed like the perfect solution; both of them would be getting something concrete from the relationship and they could part happily in a year’s time.   

The perfect solution however is rife with problems and the comedy of errors continues in Mexico, when on their first night after deciding that sex would be a part of their relationship, the couple begin to make love on their balcony. This would not be a problem except that Travis comes from a very wealthy family and paparazzi take a picture of the two of them.  The picture appears in the paper the following morning and causes Travis problems with the deal that he is in the process of finalizing for his winery.   

The premise of this story is intriguing but both of the main characters are bothersome at times.  Travis and Julie take turns blaming each other for the problems that continue to arise and, although Travis has known Julie for many years, he still finds himself wondering if she had played a part in Jean Claude’s blackmail.  While Julie begins to fall in love with Travis, he is uncertain if he is able to trust her.  This back and forth, wishy-washiness was annoying.  The couple continually bounces between happiness and accusations that made it hard to believe their coming together at the end.  

I would have liked to see more growth in their relationship and an understanding of one another; but over all, the story was entertaining if not one of my favorites. 

--Jessica McGilvray

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