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Daredevilís Run
by Kathleen Creighton
(SRS #1523, $4.99, PG)† ISBN 0-373-27593-5
Matt Pearson had always loved adventure.†He was a whitewater rafting guide for years, along with his partner and lover Alexandra Penny.†They started their own company and were considering adding rock climbing to their work when the unthinkable happened.† Mattís equipment gave and he fell while climbing, hurting his back and causing permanent paralysis.†When in rehab, Matt and Alex broke up, creating a void in each of their lives.†

Five years have passed.†Alex has continued to run the company, with her friends Eve, Booker T. and several guides. They even specialize in taking people with disabilities on the smaller runs in the mountains of California. But she has never gotten over Matt and the guilt she felt watching him struggle in rehab, knowing that while she cared deeply, she couldnít say the three words he wanted to hear nor could she admit she needed him. She always had a feeling of guilt, too, since they had argued the morning of the climb.† Alex had several childhood problems that made her feel like love was beyond possibility for her.

Matt moved on and became a teacher in LA.†He also had some stunning personal news.† He and his siblings were split up when children and his older brother has just found him.† He is getting to know Cory and his wife, Sam.†Cory suggests they all go rafting despite the fact that Matt is in a wheelchair.†But Matt has always loved a dare and canít resist.† He is nervous about seeing Alex again.†He has always loved her and only told her to leave when he realized she could never give him the love he needed due to her unresolved issues.

The tale follows their harrowing adventure down a Class V river, which is further complicated when mysterious events plague them.†First, one of the rafts appears to have been sabotaged.†Then the other guide is injured. Finally there is a threat from a fire and all evidence points to arson with the intent of trapping them on the river above the fire line. And through all this, Alex and Matt fight their attraction. It is clear immediately that they still have feelings and that their friendship could be just as strong.†But Matt wants more and Alex continues to struggle to give it to him.

This was an enjoyable story even though it seemed very farfetched at times.†Here is Matt in a wheelchair, but he never hesitates to jump in the water and swim to save people.†The author continually alludes to the fact that they are short-handed, yet they jump into the rafts and go through some of the worst rapids around. It fell short of total believability.††

The suspense was somewhat superfluous since the danger of the river provided enough drama, so the unknown threat was out there but not the most important issue. In fact, at times, they were not really sure there was a threat, as it could have just been coincidence.†The tension from the outside threat was overshadowed by the regular experience of the river rapids.

Cory and Sam had obviously had a previous story and alluded to the continuing story of the search of the other siblings.†They primarily served as matchmakers since they saw the care shining through from both Alex and Matt and wanted to help them find their love.†It was Cory, in fact, who booked the trip and dared Matt to go, thinking that he was missing Alex and just needed to be around her again for matters to slide into HEA.

Overall, Daredevilís Run is a fun and at times exciting story, even when raising eyebrows over the adventures and the lack of real suspense.† †

--Shirley Lyons

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