One Christmas Knight

One More Knight

Eve’s Wedding Knight
by Kathleen Creighton
(Silh. Int. Mom. #963, $4.25, PG) ISBN 0-373-07963-X
Eve, the last Waskowitz sister, is about to be married. True to all Waskowitz sisters, Eve is an overachiever who made it big in Hollywood as a producer of documentaries. She has been pulled from a nature type series she genuinely loved to cover the emergence of the “new business man” in Las Vegas. There she meets Sonny Cisneros, and is persuaded that he personifies Mr. Clean.

The church is filling and the participants are dressing when Eve decides to celebrate her marriage early by seducing the groom at the church. Already gowned, she slips toward the groom’s rooms. En route, she overhears a conversation between the groom and his two bodyguards. True to tradition, eavesdroppers hear no good of themselves. Eve learns that Sonny is marrying her to gain access to the family circle so he can search her brother-in-law’s house for a missing disk that reveals his criminal activities. The story behind this disk is addressed in One Summer’s Knight,” the third in the series.

Eve flees with the men in hot pursuit. She jumps into a large trash dumpster to escape them. When she hears them pass and feels safe, she crawls out and heads away from the church. Seeing them again she jumps into a van, which is oddly enough an FBI surveillance van, manned by Jake Redfield.

Jake has been after Sonny for years, and he sees real opportunity with the escaping bride. When he learns what she heard, he takes her to the hospital. To keep her safe he conspires with the hospital to issue a statement that she was attacked and suffered a concussion and a loss of memory, including her memory of the events prior to the attack.

When she is released from the hospital, Sonny insists on having her recuperate at his Atlanta home. Eve’s mission is to plant a wiretap and other bugging devices to aid the FBI in their pursuit of Sonny. The recovery period is a true challenge to her acting abilities. She is falling in love with Jake, while trying to ward off the evil, powerful and corrupt Sonny.

Of all the books in this series, this one requires the greatest suspension of disbelief. If you are a fan of the series, then you will certainly enjoy this concluding book. However, this is probably not the best one to start with as a new reader. What disturbed me is that as smart as Eve is portrayed, I can’t understand how she missed the thug in Sonny. I mean, the guy looks like a thug, acts like a thug, hangs out with thugs. There should have been a message there somewhere.

But if you are able to suspend disbelief, the love story between Eve and Jake becomes credible. And in the very few times they are together, their romance certainly is off and running to a sizzling conclusion.

--Thea Davis

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