Fortune's Hero
by Susan Crosby
(Harl. Sp. Ed #2181, $5.25, PG) ISBN 978-0373-65663-9
Garrett Stone was his name and it had taken her months to find out what it was. He was the man who had saved her during a tornado in the San Antonio airport. Victoria Fortune has returned to find him and thank him. She is also looking for something missing from her life...job or career that will really satisfy her. For years after getting her degree, she has worked at her father's company and worked with her brothers and basically hated every minute of it.

Garrett is a loner, a man who has developed his own life without "need" of a community, even though he settled outside Red Rock, Texas. He is now settling his own ranch after years of running, first from a scandal and then from the censure he felt from the community for his negative family history. The reality is that the community has long forgiven him and sees him as a sort of a hermit. Yet he has relationships with the restaurant owner, the grocer and many more.

Victoria is determined to get to know this man, who has been a part of her dreams ever since he saved her. When she discovers that he loves animals and actually rehabilitated animals and strays, she inadvertently lets the community know. This leads to more animals being dropped off. Since she was the cause, she agrees to help him. He struggles with her "society" self actually wanting to muck stalls and she is determined to get past his shell. When they both discover that she can help him with his plans for a possible animal preserve, they form a tentative attachment.

Of course, this leads to love, but not an easy loving relationship. Both have to fight their demons and figure out they really do complement each other. It is a fun journey. While the Fortunes have been featured in a series, this one seems to stand alone. Fortune's Hero is a fun story with a lot of good characters and most importantly, two well-developed main characters who will have the reader rooting for their HEA.

--Shirley Lyons

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