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Deadly Temptation
by Justine Davis
(SRS #1493, $4.99, PG) ISBN 0-373-27563-2
Deadly Temptation is the fifth story in the “Redstone Incorporated” series. If you have read even one of them, you will know that Redstone lives and breathes loyalty to its employees and takes care of them as family. And in this story, it is a concept that is repeated endlessly… a true testament to the reinforcement theory of learning.

Liana Kiley is a new hire and while unpacking on her first day of work, sees the day’s headlines. It chronicles the life of super cop, superhero Logan Beck, now believed to be on the take from the very underworld leader whose cell he had infiltrated while undercover. Liana is stunned and rejects outright the accusations. Josh Redstone walks into her office to welcome her on the first day and notices that she is distraught.

Logan was the cop involved in an incident that had changed Liana’s life eight years earlier. She had been in a bank when a crazed robber entered with the apparent goal of killing all the hostages one by one. Logan happened to be there and realizing he was a cop, Liana created a diversion permitting him to kill the robber, but in so doing he was shot. Logan barely averted dying and it was Liana not his fiancée who was by his bedside until it was clear he would recover. They have not seen each other since that time.

Josh Redstone immediately offers the help of the famed Redstone Security force; the trick is to get Logan to accept the help.

Liana is accustomed to heroes, as her father had been a well-known one, having risked his life to save people from a burning aircraft. She is not however accustomed to her heroes being desperate, despondent and betrayed. Logan had sold his car and given up his apartment a year ago when he went undercover. The department took back the BMW he was driving and his apartment is lodged deep in the drug leaders’ territory, The same drug dealers who will kill him on sight. He finally and reluctantly accepts Liana’s help...her car and her day bed.

Logan’s fiancée is long gone, but the betrayal by her and the department takes many pages for him to work through. Liana finds she is not as accustomed to heroes as she thought she was and has a difficult time understanding all of Logan’s protective urges.

Davis has written some very good books; strongly developed characters that are interesting and commonly generate a great deal of empathy. Her characters in this story merely approach her usual high standards, and the suspense plot line limps along. The romance between Liana and Logan is a given but develops in a very predictable manner lacking some of the sparkle Davis usually exhibits.

While Deadly Temptation is certainly not Davis’s best work, if you are a Redstone Inc. fan you will want to read it to stay current with the corporate structure and growing staff that is emerging in these stories.

--Thea Davis

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