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Her Lawman on Call
by Marie Ferrarella
(Silh. Rom. Suspense #1451, $4.99, PG) ISBN 0-373-272521-2
The three Pulaski sisters are all pursuing a medical career. Sasha is an obstetrician, Natalya is an intern and Kady is in medical school.. They live together, but schedules preclude them from seeing much of one another. Except that they were there for Sasha when her fiancé was killed.

Sasha has less time to grieve now, as she is extremely busy with her practice. Leaving the hospital one night, she encounters a security guard as he is discovering a murdered nurse in the parking garage. Clutched in her hand is the first line of the Hippocratic Oath…”First Do No Harm.” Seasoned readers will recognize this as the opening salvo of a murderer with a cause.

Detective Anthony Santini responds to the scene. He is also grieving. His spouse died some years before and what little personality he might have had has evaporated, leaving him driven, isolated and without friends or even the good will of his partner.

Sasha and Tony clash, as he does with most people, and when another nurse is murdered she is on the scene again. And when an orderly is murdered in the same fashion clutching the same message as the prior two, Tony is at the scene with Sasha when the victim is discovered.

Ferrarella spends some time in developing Sasha’s character, but very little time adding depth to Tony. The result is that Tony’s about face in his approach to Sasha is a little less than credible leaving the reader with the question: “What does she see in him

The book wanders along, as yet another murder takes place and Sasha realizes what all the murdered victims have in common, and that, if she is correct, she is next. Tony’s protective urges come forth..

Her dialog is certainly one of the author’s strong points, the plot is interesting, and the female characters are well developed. Unfortunately, that cannot be said for the hero. Starting with his attitude and lacking the above mentioned depth makes his mellowing and attraction to Sasha none too trustworthy, having the effect of weakening a potentially powerful story line.

This is certainly not Ferrarella’s best effort, but her talent as a storyteller will entertain a reader.

--Thea Davis

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