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A Match for the Doctor
by Marie Ferrarella
(Silh. Spec. Ed. #2117, $4.99, PG) ISBN 978-0373-65599-1
Ferrarella has come through with another intelligent adult story that has some heartstrings but none that are pulled too tight. A Match for the Doctor allows the reader to read between the lines and be engaged without being too sentimental. We need more category stories like this one.

Maizie Sommers has played matchmaker for her daughter along with the daughters of two of her friends. It is only a slight surprise when her sister-in-law, who has not been a fan of hers, asks for her matchmaking skills for her 30 year old daughter Kennon Cassidy. Kennon is an interior designer who just recently got out of a long standing relationship when her boyfriend dumped her and married another. The fact that they were living together and appeared on the road to marriage didnít seem to matter to him. Kennon is a bit gun-shy and her self-esteem took a hit. She tells her mother and her business partner, Nathan, that she is no longer looking. But in her heart, she would like children and figures in a few years, she can adopt.

Maizie doesnít do much but make sure that Kennon meets a man. That man is a widower of 13 months with two daughters, Madelyn, age 8, and Meghan, age 6. Dr. Simon Sheffield has just moved to Southern California to get away from the memories that San Francisco held. He is a vascular surgeon and is certain that starting over is the right approach. Meghan and Madelyn arenít as sure but luckily their lifelong nanny Edna moved with them. Edna was the nanny to Simonís wife. She was a general surgeon who took Simonís place on a Doctors Without Borders assignment and was killed in the tsunami. Simon is suffering from grief, guilt and a sense that he should not be happy now.

Simon just bought a house from Maizie and it is completely unfurnished except for some rental furniture. Maizie sends Kennon over to work with him. Their first meeting is filled with attraction, confusion and ultimately the start of a relationship. Kennon shows up just as the household realizes that Edna is sick and will not be of help to them today. Simon has an appointment with the head of surgery and the girls need to get to school. To top it off, Maizie really didnít mention to Simon that she was sending over a decorator. But Kennon takes things in stride, helps with the girls, gets Edna settled with real homemade chicken soup and rocks Simonís view of the world. The rest they say, is history. But it is not easy.

Kennon just kind of takes over with the decorating and this includes convincing Simon to help her shop by also involving the girls. Little does she realize that this is really the first time Simon has gotten to know Meghan and Madelyn as little humans, rather than children he didnít know how to talk to. His eyes are opened and not just to his girls. Kennon is attractive and Simon starts to realize he also has feelings long since forgotten.

As these two fall for the other, it is a gradual feeling and very subtle. In fact, it just happens naturally. When they do kiss, it does throw them for a loop but one that doesnít last too long. And while they fight the feeling, they also embrace it. Both are mature adults and they act like it. What a refreshing set of characters Simon and Kennon are which makes it easy for the reader to root for the happy ending. Edna is a hoot and, of course, the girls are delightful, with just the right mix of precociousness and reality.

A Match for the Doctor is a good story that will entertain the reader. It has sentimental elements but the right mix of intelligence, humor and romance.

--Shirley Lyons

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