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Her Sworn Protector
by Marie Ferrarella
(SRS #1491, $4.99, PG) ISBN 0-373-27561-7
The five Pulaski sisters are all doctors and in “The Doctors – Pulaski” series Marie Ferrarella chronicles the life of each of them. Her Sworn Protector focuses on Kady, a cardiologist working at a top ranked New York facility. Her two older sisters also practice there.  

In the course of her work, Kady meets Milos Plageanos in the emergency room. He had been admitted suffering a mild stroke and she succeeded in assuaging his fears, and making him feel “as good as new.” Milo is a shipping magnate and quite accustomed to buying what he wants or needs. Kady’s acts of kindness and skill are enough to make Milos want her as his captive physician. There followed a term of courtship with flowers.  The most Kady will agree to is to be on call as his personal physician. For these services she exacts a fairly high price. Milos is required to donate heavily to a free clinic where Kady volunteers on Friday afternoons.  

One night Kady is awakened to Milos’s distress call and she is picked up in a limo by Byron Kennedy, the great silent giant who acts as Milo’s guard and Man Friday. Expecting some form of cardiac distress, Kady finds Milos the victim of an anxiety attack generated by the competition…the Skourous family, another shipping family.

When Milos is murdered, Kady is able to identify the killer to the police as no other but Nicholas Skourous. He is arrested, charged, and released on bail. Nicholas is a man to be feared, as he is reputed to have been responsible for the deaths of other witnesses to his crimes, for which he had never been forced to account.  

Byron installs himself as Kady’s protector, and what follows is a plot line that any reader can anticipate. It is peppered with anecdotes of Kady’s life and that of her warm and loving family. This stands in stark contrast to Byron’s cold and lonely life. A life marked with rejection and betrayal.  

Any reader will also be familiar with the type of angst this existence will generate for the life of the story which focuses on Kady breaking through Byron’s reserves and avoiding death at the hands of Nicholas.  

Predictable, true to a tired plot line, Her Sworn Protector is nonetheless a warm story featuring characters that generate a lot of empathy, a format where Marie Ferrarella excels.  


--Thea Davis

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