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Magical Moments

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Magical Memories by Donna Fletcher
(Jove, $5.99, PG-13) ISBN 0-515-12886-4
Magical Memories is Donna Fletcher's newest book in her witch series. (The other titles are Wedding Spell and Magical Moments.) The author gives us a heart warming story of a man's, or should I say witch's, discovery of the difference between power and love.

Tempest decides to practice the human skill of driving on her trip from her sister's house to her home. She could easily have transported home in an instant because she is the Ancient One, the most powerful witch in the universe. It starts to snow and with her inexperience, she hits a man. His injuries will mean that he needs several weeks of care, so she takes him to her home in the Scottish countryside.

Michael Deeds is an American wanderer. He spent many years as a sailor to all parts of the world. On a visit to Scotland, he felt a strange connection and decided to spend some time traveling through the country. He is a man with a troubled past that has left him gruff and cautious around people, but protective of those less able than himself. Lately he has been having very strange dreams that make no sense to him.

Tempest suspects that Michael may be a man from her ancient past. That man, Marcus, had been a warlock, a witch who uses power to harm. He had very strong powers and the only one who was stronger than he was Tempest who used her powers for good. She fell in love with him and tried to find the light of love in him, but he only wanted to join with her to increase his power. She had to put a strong spell on him and send him away. The spell gave Marcus one more chance to learn what he needed to know to stay with Tempest forever.

As Michael heals, the two of them get to know each other and he becomes more and more aware of his past. The question is whether he will choose the right path. Tempest sees that the man, Michael, is a man of great character, but glimpses of Marcus' arrogance start appearing. If Marcus does not choose correctly, Tempest, as the Ancient One, will have to banish him forever.

Ms. Fletcher combines the reawakening with a warm and often humorous story of two people getting to know each other. She also gives Michael some very vivid dreams that range from scary to seductive. These dreams are used effectively to show the history of Marcus and Tempest.

Tempestís sister Sarina and her husband, Damon, from Magical Moments and friends, Ali and Sebastian and Ali's aunt Sydney from Wedding Spell appear at several points. Ali and Sarina are both pregnant and their hormonal changes have the two of them bickering over the littlest things. The squabbles add a humorous touch throughout the book. Readers who haven't read the two previous books may not catch all of the references, but most are explained enough.

The descriptions of Tempest's cottage and the Scottish village nearby were postcard vivid. When Tempest goes to the woods to visit the fairies, I could see it in my mind.

The only problem I had with the story was toward the end when a little too much time was spent describing the mental struggle of the two main characters over the decision. Other than that, I found Magical Memories a wonderful addition to Ms. Fletcher's witches series.

--B. Kathy Leitle

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