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Caught in the Act by Lori Foster
(Harlequin, $5.99, R) ISBN 0-373-83469-1
There are a few things that I had to convince myself I believe in so that I could fully enjoy Lori Foster’s Caught in the Act. First, there really is hit-you-in-the-head attraction at first sight and it presents itself as the kind of lust that’s so intense, that you have to have this person in bed or suffer. Okay, I can believe in that. The next thing I have to believe is when you act on this lust, it is so wonderful you don’t question anything else for fear the feeling will go away. The third thing is believing that the lust can develop into a lasting, deep love. The reader’s ability to believe these things will make the difference between loving this book or not.

Delilah Piper is a mystery writer known for her realistic research into her stories. This research has included such stunts as diving out of a plane without a parachute so her partner can hand it to her in mid-fall and being submerged in an automobile so she can escape. She is a loner who just loves to write and has no time in her life for a man. Everyone she knows calls her Del and she lives in a run-down section of town that gives her a view of the seedy side of life, a view she needs to enhance her stories.

Mick Dawson is an undercover policeman who sees Delilah jogging and falls for her. He knows her route and watches her often. He decides he wants to meet her, so he follows her into a jewelry store, which just happens to get robbed. In the course of the robbery, the armed robber threatens Del and Mick steps in and takes a bullet meant for her. Due to her attraction and feeling of guilt and gratitude, she offers to take Mick home with her to recuperate. It takes very little time for the two of them to decide to act on this lust they feel for each other. The sex is hot and fun and hot and intense and hot…you get the idea.

Meanwhile, there is the mystery to be solved. Why did the robber shoot at Delilah? How does Mick tell her he is a cop, not a private investigator like she inadvertently believes? How does Delilah’s writing and research fit in to the mystery…or does it? I hesitate to say more, as I don’t want to ruin the plot twists and angles that Foster uses so well to keep this story moving.

As Del struggles with deciding if her feelings are love or just gratitude, Mick deals with opening up his heart to a person he doesn’t know very well. Mick has a past that includes a mother who abandoned him and a female guardian who taught him how to accept the love of a foster mother. He has to figure out how she fits into his view of love and commitment. He calls her Delilah because he needs to feel he is special to her. Del has to figure out how she can fit a man into her life and not change her living style, which includes writing whenever the mood strikes and for however long that mood lasts.

The sex and romance are some of the hottest scenes I have read in a long while. The interactions between Del and Mick are superbly written. The intensity of the feelings they have for each other jumps off the pages.

Although Mick is a loner of sorts himself, he has several very close friendships. These friends add a nice dimension to the story. Friends Zack and Josh are single men who will have their own stories in coming months. They are both good-looking and sexy with sensitive sides that endear them to the reader. When there is trouble between Mick and Del, they stick up for Del and you are gratified that they have fallen under her spell too. The other characters are old friends of Mick’s and were obviously couples featured in previous books. Not having read their stories did not keep from understanding their strong feelings of love for Mick.

The entire storyline takes place in about a month’s period of time. The hot sex begins within three days of Mick and Del meeting. The identification of long-lasting love starts within each of the characters’ minds in less than a week and is really based on lust and attraction. The fact that their meeting and subsequent interactions are during a time of high stress and trauma add to the intensity of their feelings. The reader has to be able to accept that premise and move on to the fun parts of the story. If you are unable to do that, the whole relationship will be unsatisfying.

But if you can accept it as fun, you will agree that reading this book is a great way to spend a few hours. I wouldn’t mind being Caught in the Act with Mick, Delilah and their friends again.

--Shirley Lyons

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