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Murphy’s Law by Lori Foster
(Zebra, 6.99, R) ISBN 0-8217-7803-X
Readers who pick up Murphy’s Law by Lori Foster before reading the previous book, Jude’s Law, are at a distinct disadvantage when the opening paragraphs are read. The book opens with the creepy thoughts of some psycho stalker who’s following someone to get revenge for something. Also, Quinton Murphy is waiting impatiently in a parking garage for Ashley Miles to arrive, for some reason. Some unexplained event in their past has left Quinton hopelessly attracted to Ashley, but due to a misunderstanding, Ashley won’t give him the time of day.

The book gets better fairly quickly. Against Ashley’s better judgment she agrees to attend the wedding of a friend with Quinton. Ashley realizes, even if Quinton doesn’t, that they are a very unlikely pair. She’s poor, working two low paying jobs to pay her way through college, and Quinton’s the wealthy CEO of an inherited company. After their eventful wedding date, the couple begins seeing each other.

Ms. Foster’s writing skill is evident at this point. The background details are provided in a logical manner which flows very well with the rest of the action. The reader is introduced to several important secondary characters, and all their convoluted history and how it relates to the current story is explained. The psycho stalker is after Ashley, of course, and the mystery of his presence is also revealed.

The danger to Ashley is a boon of sorts to Quinton, because he’s ready to try anything to get close to the commitment-phobic Ashley. He can provide her protection and get to know her better at the same time. Everyone knows who the bad guy is and who he’s after and why, but no one knows where he’ll strike next. There is little suspense to detract from the romantic aspects of the story.

The setting, the dialogue and the interaction between characters is all very charming. The love scenes, at which the author excels, are hot without seeming forced. The pace of the book is smooth and fast and your brain just yums it right up.

It’s not a perfect book, however. I had a hard time understanding exactly what made Quinton so attracted to Ashley. She couldn’t have made it more clear that she wasn’t interested in any sort of relationship with Quinton, and the way her clothes are described made it seem as if she dressed like a third grader. Also, the final deciding factor in whether or not Quinton and Ashley would have a future didn’t ring true. The situation seemed very contrived and awkward.

If you’re reading preference is books with a little depth, this is not the book for you. It’s entertaining, but not involving. It’s fun, but is in no way profound. That isn’t to say that Ms. Foster hasn’t written a clever book, however. For all it’s fluff, Murphy’s Law is a perfect rainy afternoon read.

--Wendy Livingston

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