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Sawyer’s Special Delivery
by Nicole Foster
(Silh. Sp. Ed. #1703, $4.99, PG) ISBN 0373-24703-6
Sawyer’s Special Delivery is an enjoyable tale of two people who fight their attraction while fighting their demons. It requires a lot of suspension of belief and this keeps it from recommended status.

Maya Rainbow is single, strong-willed and stubborn. Her need to be home in New Mexico caused her to be on the road at night in the rain where a drunk driver caused a wreck. Now Maya is trapped in her car and about to deliver her baby boy two months early. To the rescue comes super EMT Sawyer Morente, a single man who is known by all as the daredevil rescuer of the Luna Hermosa fire department. If the task has danger, Sawyer is usually smack in the middle of it.

In this case, the danger is minimal but the rescue is real. Sawyer delivers the baby. Now the reader is asked to believe that this particular baby and mother somehow affect Sawyer differently from all his other rescues. It affects him so much he feels responsible for Maya and Joey, especially when he finds out Joey’s father does not want him. If you can believe this part, then the story flows and is enjoyable.

The author saves the story by adding depth to the two characters. Maya was raised by two unmarried hippies, who basically operated a commune and believed in peace and love. In fact, they still do. Maya had a happy childhood, but the nonconformity of it has made her want something more normal for her own child. Maya believes in alternative pain therapy and has a degree in holistic medicine. She is a master masseuse and knows her herbal remedies. She is a vegetarian, but otherwise her lifestyle is one of traditional values and stability. Maya is determined to be independent and feels like accepting help from Sawyer is the wrong direction, despite her attraction to him.

Sawyer has many demons of his own. He grew up living with his mother, brother and grandparents when his dad threw them out. It was a dysfunctional family from the start. His father was a drunk and used Sawyer as a punching bag. Sawyer took the abuse in order to protect his younger brother Cort. Sawyer also had an adopted brother, Rafe, who stayed with their dad. Sawyer always resented that their dad kept Rafe and even remarried and had another son. Many think his rescue efforts were strictly to prove he could make something of himself, showing them all how wonderful he could be.

To add to the backdrop of the story, Maya needs help restoring her parents home when she discovers that they have taken off on a trip and the house is a wreck. She and Sawyer start off on a friendship basis, only to discover there is passion involved. Life is complicated when circumstances force Maya and Joey to move into Sawyer’s house for a while. Then Cort starts putting pressure on Sawyer to respond to their father’s request to see them after all these years of silence. Tensions build, the relationship matures and is tested and everyone has to make decisions about the future.

The love story is engaging because Maya is sensible and Sawyer is charming. Both are reasonable and they even try to talk to each other most of the time. Their friends are supportive of their romance, which actually adds to their internal tensions. Because Maya has just had a baby, their sexual tension builds but this also gives time for their relationship to grow before they hop into bed. There is growth in both characters, which always adds to a story. Cort is a good secondary character and seems to be set up for a story of his own.

Sawyer’s Special Delivery is an entertaining love story if you can get past the fact that an experienced EMT who has seen it all would be so affected by one case as to change his life.

--Shirley Lyons

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