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Treat Her Right by Lori Foster
(Harl. Tempt. #852, $4.50, PG-13) ISBN 0-373-25952-2
Treat Her Right is the second book in author Lori Foster’s “Men to the Rescue” series. I devoured the first book in the series, Caught in the Act, in one sitting and while Treat Her Right is a delightful read, I didn’t enjoy it quite as much as its predecessor.

For the uninitiated, the series revolves around three friends: police officer Mick Dawson, who’s story was told in Caught in the Act, firefighter Josh Marshall and paramedic Zack Grange, who’s featured here.

Zack is a widower with a precocious four-year-old daughter named Dani. Zack has decided that it’s about time he’s found a wife, especially since Dani is getting older and has started asking about things like feminine napkins. While Zack hasn’t met his prospective bride yet, he knows the type of woman he wants...someone petite, discreet, quiet and responsible. Someone totally unlike his new neighbor, Wynn Lane.

Physical trainer Wynn Lane has just moved into the house behind Zack. From the moment she sets eyes on the handsome paramedic, she knows she wants him and as she gets to know Zack and Dani better, she begins to fall in love with them both.

Zack reluctantly admits to being attracted to Wynn, but she’s so unlike what he’s been looking for. She’s huge for a start. Not heavy, but at least six feet tall and big boned. Not the dainty little thing of his imagination. In addition, she’s loud, outspoken, and dresses a bit too provocatively for his taste. He might have been successful in resisting her charms had it not been for Dani.

Dani knows just want she wants and she wants to be friends with her new neighbor. Wynn fascinates Dani and that means Dani wants to spend every spare moment at her house. Which naturally means Zack must tag along. I’m not a big fan of kids in romances, but Dani is a delightful character whose presence here is an integral part of the story.

In fact, all of the secondary characters are terrific, particularly Wynn’s body building brother Conan and her flamboyant hairdresser father. The entire Lane family is a total culture shock to Zack and certainly not the type of family he planned to marry into.

That’s the conflict here. Zack’s image of the perfect wife and mother versus his attraction to Wynn. At one point in the book he suddenly changes his mind and gives in. It wasn’t entirely clear to me what caused him to change his mind.

While Zack spends much of the book in confusion, Wynn is a delightful heroine. She’s described as an "Amazon", but she’s wonderfully at home in her large body. She says exactly what’s on her mind and when Zack is unable to decide what to do about his attraction to her, she’s not afraid to tell him to get lost and not return until he gets his act together. This is a woman who does not need a man in her life in order to be fulfilled.

Treat Her Right is a humorous, charming addition to the series, but can easily be read on its own. Although I recommend all books in the series. I’m particularly looking forward to the final book featuring ladies man Josh. For some reason he reminds me a little of Joey from the TV show "Friends". I can hardly wait to see what Lori Foster has in store for him.

--Karen Lynch

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