Her Best Friendís Wedding
by Abby Gaines
(Harl. Super #1712, $5.50, PG) ISBN 978-0373-71712-5
Sadie Beecham and Meg Kincaid have been friends forever. Sadie has always been the brain, getting her degree and working in biology, primarily plants, and she is ready to settle down. Meg is an airline flight attendant whose reputation is to flit from man to man, never settling long. Sadie has met a doctor who she thinks is the one. They have clicked on many levels, including a hot kiss the last time they were out. But Daniel meets Meg and they click. Now Sadie is the one looking in from the outside.

Sadie is convinced that Meg will get tired and move on and she has convinced herself to be ready to pick up with Daniel when that happens. Of course, Meg has no clue that she has interfered with her friendís dream. Daniel does see Sadie as a friend and his attention continues to cause major confusion for Sadie. However, he loves Meg and after just a few weeks, they get engaged. The story follows the drama of the engagement and the wedding planning.

Megís brother Trey figures out her plan and at first, thinks she is just crazy. When he realizes her seriousness, he jumps in the fray to protect his sister. First, Trey confronts Sadie and tries to make her see how silly this all is. Then he agrees to stick it out with her to ensure that she wonít ruin something. And the entire time they are together, each starts to see the other for the first time as something other than an old neighbor. But true love doesnít come that easy.

Meg gets cold feet and she and Sadie donít always see eye to eye on how she should be acting with Daniel. The mothers are into the wedding planning and at one point, Meg asks Sadie to stand in for her during a wedding dress fitting. Trey gets wind of it and is concerned that Sadie will follow through with some type of sabotage. These ploys make for confusion all around, hurt feelings and a lot of funny scenes.

Trey is an interesting character. His dad and older brother were killed just as he was ready to shoot off to college and play football. He stayed home and took over the family horticulture business. Trey loves landscape design, but never really got into the rest of the business. Yet he has stayed all these years and after ten, he feels like he should be able to leave it in capable hands and take off. But now, here is Sadie and his sister unsettled. His mom is aware of his plans, but makes him feel some guilt as only moms can do. And his feelings for Sadie have come out of nowhere.

Sadie is a little less interesting and at times, she is not as likable. What kind of friend plots to take back her best friendís fiancťe? But luckily the author keeps this in perspective and it doesnít take long for Sadie to see the downsides to her plans. Yet her feelings are engaged and this makes it tougher to just give up altogether. And when did she start seeing Trey as anything but an aggravation? Her journey is generally fun to watch.

Meg and Daniel blossom at times and while their romance is really second fiddle, it is enjoyable to watch as they really figure things out. Both have more to their characters than what is on the surface and in the end, I really liked their HEA.

Her Best Friendís Wedding doesnít set any new ground. But it is a fun and often silly story that hits home on many levels. There is the story of the two romances along with the family drama. The story has intensity due to the depth of detail on the characters and their lives. It is that depth that keeps the story above the average.

--Shirley Lyons

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