Doctor for Keeps by Kristi Gold
(Silh. Desire #1320, 3.99, PG-13) ISBN 0-373-76320-4
Miranda Brooks is relaxing by the pool at her apartment complex the evening before she starts a new job. Someone is playing a smooth sax tune. The player suddenly appears by her at the pool and he is a tall, dark hunk with sexy dark eyes. The sparks fly between them quickly and before the evening is over, she is no longer a virgin. Despite his request that she stay, she chooses to leave. She only knows his first name.

The next morning, Miranda starts her job as a nurse for a group of doctors. Her new boss turns out to be Rick Jansen, the sexy sax player from the night before. Rick has a strict rule that he never dates any of the women at work. In fact, the office grapevine believes he has a lover in another city because he works extra hours three or four days a week and goes out of town for long weekends.

Both Rick and Miranda have secrets. Rick is the adopted and healthy son of a couple who also adopted three other children, all with special needs. He was a little wild in his younger years and feels he owes a debt for the help he received from a kind priest. Rick's secret weekends are his way to pay back that debt. Miranda has a lot of self esteem problems, the result of an injury when she was younger. Her first serious boyfriend had dropped her when she finally revealed the injury, so trusting a man is particularly hard for her.

Rick's secrecy doesn't help her trust. He is drawn to her, but doesn't think that he has time in his life for a serious relationship because so much of his free time is devoted to other areas.

Doctor For Keeps is a satisfying story, even though it doesn't break any new ground. The author does make Rick wait too long to ask Miranda an important question, but the scene when he finally asks it has a lot of "ahhhh" quality to it. The epilogue has another one of these scenes. While nothing extraordinary, it was pleasant time spent.

--B. Kathy Leitle

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