For Her Child

Married in a Month
by Linda Goodnight
(Silh. Rom # 1682, $3.99, PG) ISBN 0-373-19682-2
Married in a Month should be titled Ė ďPitiful Me, I love him/her but canít tellĒ. That, in a nutshell gives the plotline. Since both the hero and heroine think this way, it gets old fairly quickly.

Kati Winslow grew up in foster care; never staying long enough in one place to feel loved or cared for. She briefly spent time in Rattlesnake, Texas, where she met Colt Garrett. One night after a big victory on the football field, he kissed her as he was passing by. She never forgot that kiss and has since decided to settle in Rattlesnake. Her plans are to open a day care center where she can love all the children and get satisfaction from them.

She runs into one roadblock. The bank wonít lend her money without collateral or a cosigner. Since she canít accept charity, she goes to Colt to ask him for a marriage in name only, where he can then cosign as her spouse. In return, she will be a nanny to a baby.

Colt, you see, has just been named guardian to infant Evan Parker, a child he doesnít know. For some reason, a lady named Natasha Parker left the baby on his doorstep, with a letter naming him as guardian. Colt is too much of a man to call Social Services when the responsibility is his. He is in desperate need of a nanny. Sleepless for over a week, he gives in and agrees to Katiís scheme.

They do end up marrying, and falling in love. But they canít tell each other. Kati has convinced herself that she cannot get emotionally involved, because she is not worthy of love, a lesson she learned in foster care. Coltís family has a history of divorce, so he obviously cannot be trusted to stay married. He and his brother agree that they are not the marrying kind.

I enjoyed the banter between the two as they grew to love. Colt is a guy with a great sense of humor and healthy libido. He is not above trying to seduce Kati and frankly, he does a good job of it. He is also respectful when she says no. Kati is an intelligent woman, who seems to have her head together in every sense, except her emotional well-being. It is a shame they are caught up in a story that is so silly.

The options available to both of these two in their dilemmas are multiple, thus making the choice they make so pitiful. Since they should never have been in the situation in the first place, getting out seems pointless. Author Goodnight then succumbs to the temptation to tug at your heartstrings. That just sealed the rating.

Married In a Month>/B> could have been a good romance, but the plotline just left me wishing for a quickie divorce.

--Shirley Lyons

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