Midnight's Master
by Donna Grant
(St. Martin's, 47.99, R)  ISBN 978-0-312-55248-0
Drivel, even by the name of Midnight's Master and by popular author Donna Grant, is still drivel. Midnight's Master, the first in a new series, turns out to be well-written drivel, which is how it earns its second heart.

Recently reunited with her father, Gwynn Austin now finds herself travelling to Scotland in search of the absent-minded professor.  She soon stumbles across Logan Hamilton, who has recently stumbled into modern-day Scotland himself - from the distant past.  He's in search of an evil priestess named Dierdre who wants to bring about the downfall of Logan and his fellow Warriors - guys who are possessed by gods.

Turns out the Dark Warriors have a hard time keeping their gods on their leashes, and this is a particular problem for Logan, who at one point, offered himself to Dierdre, which weighs heavily on his conscience.  Naturally, Gwynn brings him around as he has done for her: he makes her realize she's not crazy; she's a hyper-magical Druid.

The two quickly decide that Gwynn’s father was after the same relics as Dierdre, and so the pursuit begins, with Gwynn and Logan falling into bed together and doing their best to figure out their new selves.

Time-travel, reincarnation, possession, evil goddesses ...  Midnight's Master and, thus, the Dark Warriors series, is just too much paranormal in one place. Not only is there too much going on, everything is too easily accepted and not well explained.  None of the characters have much depth and even the romance is lackluster.  Fans of Donna Grant may be pleased with the introduction of a new series (one can only hope it improves), but I wouldn't bother with Midnight's Master unless you fall into that category.

--Sarrah Knight

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