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His Secret Heir by Elizabeth Harbison
(Silh. Romance #1528, $3.99, G) ISBN 0-373-18528-1
In this modern-day fairy tale, student Megan Stewart once fell in love with waiter Nick Chapman, only to find the handsome Englishman was really the heir to an earldom, and engaged, to boot. They broke it off, and her attempt to talk to him about her unplanned pregnancy met with silence. A decade later, Megan is back in London and her ten-year-old son, William, is by her side. Nick is now divorced and a prominent benefactor of the teaching program under which Megan is working. It’s inevitable that they will meet, and when they do, Megan wants Nick to know his young son. If she can gather the courage to tell him…

Nicholas Chapman rescued his family from financial ruin, only to find his own life an empty shell. A brief marriage to a socialite was over almost as soon as it began. Once he had known love. Once a fresh-faced American had stolen his heart, and he’d let her go without a backward glance. Yet for ten years she’s haunted his dreams, and now Megan Stewart is here in the flesh. Can he make things right, at last? Will she give him a second chance?

My overall impression of this book is that it’s a basic, straightforward romance, competently written, but with little heat or attraction between the leads. In fact, they don’t spend nearly as much time together as one might wish. Megan vacillates between vowing she’ll tell Nick the truth and then deciding she needs more time. The effect here was a feeling of the story being dragged out for little purpose.

A vague irritation with the indecisive Megan was overridden by Nick, who is handsome and charming, but touchingly vulnerable. Afraid that Megan will throw his feelings back in his face, he hesitates to level with her. So they circle each other warily, neither one willing to jump in.

His Secret Heir is a pleasant enough read overall, but one that may make little impression once the book is closed. If you’re in the mood for a sweet romance with a fairy-tale flavor, this one might be just the ticket.

--Cathy Sova

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