April 16, 2014

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Contemporary Questions

Can you help readers find a missing contemporary romance title? If you have any answers for these questions, please email TRR, and be sure to include the month, letter & question number we can list them accurately! We've left the unanswered questions from last time at the bottom of the column. As always, thanks for your help! And don't forget to check out the Historical questions page.

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March # C 1

It is about a couple who have an arranged marriage in which the wife is cheated into believing that her husband loves her. He wants her to have a baby as soon as possible but she has a miscarriage. But he forces her to stay alone in another house in the meanwhile and then try again for the baby.
I read it around 3-4 years back. I think it was a single title and a contemporary romance.

SOLVED! Try UNWANTED WIFE by Natasha Anders. It's slightly newer, but hasa similar storyline.

March # C 2

I'm a little hazy on the details but the heroine was a model and her brother worked with law enforcement or an elite task force. The heroine got a threatening message from one of her brother's targets or so and she was forced to flee. She had been told by her brother previously that if anything should happen she should go and meet his friend who had retired from the business. So she drove one of modelling sponsors motorcycle to an isolated cabin. Her brother's friend was an ex member of the task force and had left it because of the same guy. To cut the story short she got pregnant for the guyl they got married at the end, and she had a baby boy. I remember he was rich but the heroine didn't know that.

SOLVED! Maybe SECRETS AND LIES by Rebecca Andrews?

March # C 3

The heroine was a concert pianist and she was seen as the next great thing . On the day of her wedding she ran away and met a guy in a cemetery that was the hero. The hero is steadily going blind having inherited a family disease. The girl ends up staying with the hero to help him look after his son who turns out to be his dead brother's child fathered with the hero's girlfriend. The hero didn't tell the heroine of his condition but she mistakenly found out when she took his car out and saw flyers. Long story short the heroine is performing at a concert she's pregnant but she hides it and the hero brings his son to the performance and after she finishes playing she hears the baby crying.


March # C 4

I am looking for the title of a harlequin book that came out in the 80's or 90's. I thought the title was Baby Mine but I could not find anything with that title. The plot is about a separated husband and wife. She is a realtor and he owns his own bar. They are separated. One evening she is leaving the underground parking lot where her offices are located. As she leaves she witnesses a murder. The murderer forces her to help him bury the body in the wood. as a result she gets amnesia. She escapes and makes her way back to the home she shared with her husband. Her husband finds her and she does not recognize him and is frightened. He takes her to a doctor and discovers that she is pregnant and does not remember anything. During this time the killer is sending her notes and clues to that night. Her husband protects her even though his has no idea what is going on. His work was always more important which I why she left hoping that he would change. The killer ends up setting fire to the bar to draw the husband away and get to her. In the end she remembers everything and it is his baby.

SOLVED! This sounds like I'M HAVING YOUR BABY by Linda Turner.

March # C 5

I am trying find a harlequin desire novel. It is about a guy who gets a job on a ranch working for a guy his age named Adam. Adam has a little sister who becomes infatuated with the guy. I want to say his name is Holt. But I am not positive. She moves away and graduates college gets a fiance. But when her brother goes missing she comes home to help the guy look for him. They try fighting their feelings for each other. Her brother and this guy end up being secret agents and they travel to Mexico where he was last seen and pretend to be a married couple while trying to find him.

March # C 6

I can not remember the characters names but it is set in London in world war 2 and is about a young woman who gets pregnant out of wedlock. After telling her family they find out that the father is engaged to be married to another woman whom is also pregnant so she is forced into marrying his older brother. After having the baby they move to live with her aunt in the country who is a lesbian where she develops post natal depression. Once she has over come the depression she is out with the baby in the pram and over hears someone discussing her aunts sexuality, in the haste to warn her aunt she crosses the road with out looking pushing the pram out into the path of a bus where the pram is crushed and baby is killed. I believe a year down the line the woman is sitting in the living room with a friend and her child. The child walks up to the woman and places one hand on her knee however, the woman feels a hand on the other knee too which she believes to be her dead baby's spirt. Which is confirmed by the sudden presence of a butterfly on her knee which then flies out the window showing that the child is at peace.

March # C 7

In the beginning of it a woman is getting beaten by her father with a whip until a man saves her. The woman has scars on her back from this incident. During the book they are on a ranch. The man lives with the woman to support her and to look after her. But during this process they are not making enought money so they let a film crew come to their house to direct a movie. The the last part I remember is that the woman takes a bullet while trying to protect the man.

SOLVED! Try LAWLESS by Diana Palmer.

March # C 8

Heroine's mother is abused by Heroine's father and controls her money. Heroine has a physically challenged brother. Hero takes revenge on Heroine's father and takes over all the properties. One of the house belongs to Heroine's Mother. Heroine wants the house for her brother. Hero agrees to meet Heroine and stipulates that she sleep with him in order to get the house, she agrees. Afterwards, he hurts her by saying something. She leaves the place and goes back. Hero feels pretty bad about the things he did and said. He tries to make peace with heroine, but she disagrees. Later he sends a girl, who says she was a Prostitute, how hero helped her in her life. Heroine changes her mind. I read this story about 6 to 8 years ago.


March # C 9

Hero has been holding off finalising his divorce from his wife (caused by her getting rid of his baby, lying about it and being found out). He has always had an attraction for the heroine who is an artist showing at his wife's art gallery but did nothing about it until suddenly something clicks with the heroine suddenly realising her attraction to him.

The hero and heroine come together when the heroine sees the ghost of a street hawker she is friendly with who has been murdered and when his soon to be ex-wife is murdered he supports the heroines attempt to identify the murderer when she starts to sleep paint the murder scene and potentially identify the murderer. I think the heroines name was Paris Feeny although she prefers to be called Feeny.

SOLVED! This sounds like NOW YOU SEE HER by Linda Howard.

Note: The original reader says this is indeed the right book, and thanks to our sharp readers for identifying it!

March # C 10

I'm looking for a romance book that was also recorded for audio listening. I can't remember the names of the characters. The book starts and a very badly abused woman with an infant meets a homeless man on the cold winter streets. He nurses her back to health and they slowly start getting closer when her ex finds her and beats her and tells her he is going to get custody of the child. She ends up in the hospital and the man decides that he is going to marry her so the father can't take the child...you find out he is rich and he pays for all of her medical expenses and takes her to his family's house where he surprises her with the company of her sister. They go shopping for things for the baby and he gets angry because she doesn't want him to spend all of his money on her...that's all I can remember.

SOLVED! Try BABY LOVE by Catherine Anderson.

March # C 11

The book I seek is an older Harlequin, so I ‘m not sure if it fits in the contemporary category. The heroine is married to an older man, but at his death the antagonistic son enters the picture. There is an attraction that ends in pregnancy and the heroine runs away and gives birth to a son. Hero finds her and the baby and gradually things resolve into a happy marriage.

SOLVED! This might be SURRENDER MY HEART by Lindsay Armstrong.

March # C 12

I am looking for a contemporary romance book where the heroine is pregnant and abandoned by the father of the baby. I think she was a waitress but had good education in catering. She left everything and moved to a new state because she thought she would be getting married to the baby's father but he abandoned her. I think she was having trouble keeping a job due to her pregnancy but in any case she ended up in a desperate situation without money, without a job and without a home. So, the local priest/minister asks his ex-brother-in-law for help. His wife dies in some sort of accident and he blames himself. The hero is rich and successful, agrees to help heroine reluctantly and hires her as his housekeeper. At some point she has a baby girl and at first the hero is very stand-offish but eventually warms up to the baby and the heroine. They start falling in love but both are scared to trust and it happens slowly. She starts to do some catering for extra income, other than her housekeeping salary. I remember that she furnished her housekeeping apartment with lots of second-hand furniture. I think the biological father shows up and tries to stir some trouble, threatens to get custody from heroine but the hero gets rid of him. It was a little bit of an inspirational romance because the priest, brother in law and hero had some discussions about losing faith and not helping the community.

March # C 13

I am looking for a book, I don't remember much but the hero designs sportswear and jackets and stuff. He shows the heroine his creations and she tells them whatever is wrong with them. They had a discussion about a sleeveless jackets and she called it impractical and said what was the use if you couldn't keep warm. Poor guy tries hard to please her with no success. I think the heroine was a florist or something and he bought his girlfriends flowers from her.

SOLVED! This could be THE PLAYBOY'S PLAIN JANE by Cara Colter.

March # C 14

The book was set in the early 1900's. A young lady fell inlove with a boat builder and got pregnant. Her family sent her away and they believed she gave the baby up for adoption. She didn't. She later returned tot he town and met the baby's daddy and they fell in love again.


March # C 15

I can't remember much but it's about a girl who doesn't get out much but when her great aunt, or friend, died her wish was to travel the world so the girl goes travelling on her behalf, I think she takes the ashes with her. There is also a guy who is used to travelling on his own and prefers it that way but for the first time he isn't as he is paid to be the girl's guide.

March # C 15

This romance novel is about a man (I think his name is Train or Traine) who is desperately in love with his brothers fiance. His brother is a missionary and is getting ready to leave the country (The United States) and his fiance is desperate to have him... something he is not willing to do, as he is a strong Christian man. Ready to cry herself to sleep, completely dejected, the brother who is in love with her (Train) walks into her bedroom and pretends to be her fiance. They then make love and he lets her fall to sleep thinking that he is in fact his brother, her fiance. When she wakes up, the fiance has left to do his mission work and she is left in his parents home. Soon after he's gone they find out that he has died and she and Train go to collect his body. After a short while she discovers that she is pregnant and tells her deceased fiance's parents what happened. They refuse to believe her and throw her out. Train helps her to find an apartment and he courts her and says he will marry her. He eventually tells her that the baby is his, and he was the one who went into her room that night his brother left to do his missions work. They fall in love and the grandparents apologize and are forgiven for their deplorable behavior.
This book seemed to have sort of a western theme as if they lived near a ranch. I distinctly remember the phrase "Roughneck" in this book. I desperately want to find out the name of this book. The book cover I remember had green and pink engravings that had a shine to them and the book was a rather short one, probably no more that one to two hundred pages.

SOLVED! This is LED ASTRAY by Sandra Brown.

February # C 3

I think the Hero and Heroine were a couple. Heroine visited the Hero's house/apartment and she sees another woman laying with him with the Hero sleeping. She runs out of town. Years later she comes back (I think). Reunites with the Hero, both attended a party where the heroine sees the woman. Heroine said harsh words to her, hero defended the Other Woman. Heroine gets angry, goes to the porch, Hero stops her. OW steps out, apologizes, tells truth that Hero didn't really sleep with her. She was paid by Hero's uncle or cousin or grandfather (Can't remember) because that person hated the heroine.

February # C 4

It is about a woman who fakes a pregnancy using a magic marker in order to keep her boyfriend. She then hides her “upcoming pregnancy” using fake stomach pouches she stole from a maternity wear shop. Her boyfriend finds out and dumps her. She begins to date someone else and then at the 9th month mark she finds an abandoned baby!!

February # C 5

I am trying to remember a book I read – about a career woman who designed and ran a hotel either in NY or Chicago. She worked with an architect firm and I believe fell in love with one of the builders or architects. It was around 1990s that I read it. There was probably a family story before that pushed her into finding her own dream of the hotel.

February # C 7

Its about this girl who suffers from anxiety attacks when she gets in front of a group of people. She look plain she doesn't dress pretty and she wears glasses because I believe she was attacked. Her friend who knew about her history usually is the face at their job while she's the behind the scenes kind if girl, when her friends leave because I believe she is pregnant the girl has to work with her handsome boss. He doesn't know about her anxiety attack and ask her to go into a meeting with him she starts to panic and the guy he had a meeting with His old friend knew what to do eventually it came out the client was actually the girls grandfather and her mom ran away from home and cut contact off from her parents....her mother died and she was alone for a while.

February # C 8

It is about a woman who owns spa that has this kind of special service and she is selling it to a business partner. During their meeting, she is asked by her partner to fill her role as a masseur because they have a big client coming and she is currently injured and unable to do the task. The protagonist ends up doing the massage wherein she meet the man. Their attraction is very strong and the massage ends up in a hot steamy scene. Other things that I remembered about the protagonist is that she like collecting bottles because she also creates special oils that she uses in her spa. And during the time she met the man, she was given a very special bottle that had legends about it.

February # C 10

The heroine goes to her ex's office for an interview for an architect job. She is completely broke and she shoes have holes in them and she only has couple of quid in her bag. She is interviewed by a different guy but her ex saw her and she flees. She is unwell and reaches her flat. At the same time, the heroine is paying a family for a disable child - the heroine was in a car accident. She loses her baby I think, but the car they crashed into has a passenger, a child, who is disabled for life. The hero then comes looking after her and finds her ill and takes her home. The hero also pays the heroine's landlord the existing rent and also pays the family of the disabled child. The hero looks after the heroine during her pneumonia and when she is better he gives her the job. the girl moves out of the hero's home and starts paying the money back to the hero she owes.

February # C 11

This was a M&B modern romance, the heroine works as a secretary for the hero and wears dull clothes. She is from a rich family and is trying to make her own life. The guy recognizes her at the heroine's parents party. The heroine wears a glass just to hide her face but it does not have any power. The other guy who work's in the office finds out once the heroine forgets the glasses in the office party.

February # C 14

Its an Italian setting. The hero is a formula one driver with a little daughter and also a widower. His late wife's sister or niece comes to help with the daughter and a romance sparks off between them. I think it was an e harlequin or silhouette series (not too sure) but it's been close to 18yrs I read the novel. There's the use of italian endearing words like 'cara mia'.

Readers, if you have any answers for these questions, please email TRR, and be sure to include the month and the question number so we can list them accurately! As always, thanks for your help!

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