March 14, 2014


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February # C 1

The hero is a business tycoon. The hero and the heroine (his ex-secretary) are now estranged due to the hero's rival (who is also his cousin). The heroine has a son named Nicky. The hero finds out about his son and forces the heroine to marry him. When the wedding is arranged, the hero's cousin calls the heroine and threatens to kidnap her son if she does not jilt the hero at the altar. One thing Iremember about the book is that the hero has a bodyguard and Nicky calls him a Monkey / gorilla.

SOLVED! This is THE RANIERI BRIDE by Michelle Reid.

February # C 2

The gist of it is the Hero was poised to marry the Heroine. Don't remember if he didn't show up to the wedding or if he told his fiance before the wedding. Hero didn't tell heroine that he was marrying his brother's pregnant girlfriend (Don't remember if his brother died or was just irresponsible). Heroine moved away, came back years from then, found out why the hero married another woman. Don't know if the woman died from childbirth or they (Hero and his brother's pregnant gf) divorced because she lost the child.

SOLVED! Try BITTER BETRAYAL by Penny Jordan - very similar.

February # C 6

Storyline went: the mother's child was kidnapped and the husband came back, who she hasn't seen for years as he refused to believe the child was his. The child was found and taken to Greece by the husband to force his wife to resume their marriage. You then find out it was the grandfather who set up the wife.

SOLVED! This might be GOLD RING OF BETRAYAL by Michelle Reid.

February # C 9

I think it was a Silhouette Intimate Moments - maybe a series as in 3 different brothers had stories. The heroine is a chef who is on the run from her brother-in-law, a cop who killed her sister, he had bought into the heroine's restaurant and then embezzled. She flees, ending up in ranch country working as a cook for a rancher who falls for her. The former brother-in-law tracks her down, big confrontation etc.

SOLVED! Try CHANCE by Ruth Langan. It's the first book of The Wildes of Wyoming series. The other books are HAZARD and ACE.

February # C 12

I am looking for the title of this book - it's maybe a Silhouette Desire or Silhouette Special Edition book.
In the story, the hero is a millionaire but half his face is scarred and he stays away from the world. He connects with a young woman late at night through phone calls but one day there's a fire at the woman's work place and the hero goes to save her. He brings her to his house and takes care of her. He sends her to his company as his assistant while he stays behind the scenes. In the end the woman leaves him because she thinks he doesn't love her enough to live a life with her. The end of the book, the hero goes to see the woman. He has had a plastic surgery and the scar is now gone. He founds out the woman is pregnant and he tells her he loves her.

SOLVED! The reader who posted this says she found it - it's THE MILLIONAIRE BACHELOR by Susan Mallery.

February # C 13

The opening theme of the story is a young lady going to help her sister (an actress) by working on set to help ensure their medical terminology is correct in the script and used correctly and in context on set (she is a nurse or Dr herself). She is staying with the director or lead actor and they fall for one another over the course of the book. I know very early in the book whilst preparing a meal or doing something in the house one of them injures themselves and the other takes care of the injury... I wish I knew more about this book to help identify it. It was read around ten years ago.

SOLVED! By the original reader, no less! Try THE SECRET FATHER by Kim Lawrence.

January # C 1

This is a contemporary romance that I read about nine years ago. It's an older book written between the 70's and 80's, no later. Heroine and father (grandfather) live in the wilderness. The heroine is young, about 17-18. While swimming naked, hero spots her and falls in love. I think he was in the wilderness to meet the father/grandfather. They were friends. Hero informs heroine that her father/grandfather dies. He takes her back the city. Hero becomes OBSESSED with heroine. He starts drinking heavily, drawing pictures of her naked. He's VERY jealous. They fool around quite a bit, but don't have sex until he proposes to her. They are fooling around often. They are in the Hero's studio. Heroine sees the naked pictures. Hero starts crying and is very drunk and depressed. Hero is an Alpha who is about 35. I think the cover of the book is green and the heroine has an exotic look to her. She have Native American roots. This is an American romance novel.

SOLVED! Try LOVE WILD AND FREE by Jocelyn Haley.

January # C 2

I'm looking for a book, Harlequin Presents, the usual rich guy working girl or poor girl story. In this case the girl is a land scaper and the guy has an evil aunt. In one scenario she begs him not to leave her to see his ex- girlfriend or something but he leaves and she almost loses the baby.


January # C 3

I was wondering if you could help me find the title and author of a Harlequin book. It's about an uptight red haired woman who is on her way to try and stop her sister from marrying a rich man. It was the same mistake she made and hasn't even seen her family since following the rich man to a city far away.
She meets a rich man at the airport who asks her to watch his bag. They have a spark but her hatred for rich men is obvious. After arriving at their destination, she ends up boarding a ferry with the same man and they have to share a bunk. Eventually we discover that he is on the way to stop his brother from marrying the girl's sister because he feels that she is just marrying him for money. The story takes place somewhere else (like Iceland maybe?). Loved reading about the town and the scenic descriptions were amazing!

SOLVED! This might be KIDNAPPED THE WRONG SISTER by Marie Kelly.


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