April 22, 2014

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Historical/Paranormal Questions

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April # H 1

The book I am looking for is a historical/fantasy novel. It is a single book and the last time I read it was in the early to mid '90s. All the details I can remember from it is that the main character is a young woman who uses a dragon to con money from villages that are attacked by the dragon. When she is hired by the villagers she pretends to fight and slay the dragon until one day a monk uses himself as the virgin sacrifice to catch the dragon.

April # H 2

I read the first page of a historical romance but wasn't able to continue and can't stop thinking about it. I think it was set in medieval time period. The main character had two different colored eyes. She has sisters. I think she was a witch or a healer of some sort. The cover of the book had a castle on it.

April # H 3

I read this book from a library about 10-12 years on an airplane. Not the usual historical novel but Iwas hooked for the whole trip. It's about a woman that lives in a village with her cat , she is fear by everyone because she might be a witch. She probably is one and she is then kicked out. Not sure if she had a grandmother. Is a period book but not sure which.

The book dwells a lot on magic, good and bad. I think that she falls in love with a man who turns into a tiger, lion... something like that. First time Iever heard of the term "familiars". I'm sure if maybe she also turns.

April # H 4

I am looking for another series that takes place in the Lord and Ladies time in England. It involves members of a family marrying... The book in the series is the one about the oldest brother (I believe), that already has a wife, but they are estranged. The other books in the series always allude to the separation.

April # H 5

It starts out with the Heroine being jilted at the alter by either the Hero's brother or cousin. The family of the hero, I believe have a lot of scandal attached to their name and instead of facing more scandal, the hero just marries the girl.
I can't remember much else except that the Heroine ends up drawing a picture of the Hero in a scandalous way (either naked or something else) which somehow ends up in the scandal sheets. This is the first book of a series, I just can't remember which one and I'm fairly certain this book has been asked about sometime in the last few months.

April # H 6

I read an historical romance during the early-to-mid nineties. The red-haired, violet-eyed (I believe British) heroine, Selena, was seventeen at the beginning of the book. While searching for her brother, she meets a much older ship's captain. They have a passionate encounter after which he sails off. Selena's life takes a dramatic and at times violent turn (she is assaulted in one of the chapters). She gives birth to the captain's son and marries a cruel French lieutenant. After many difficult years, in the end Selena and the captain reunite. They meet accidentally on his ship when their little boy brings the captain to Selena. The captain realizes the little boy is his son and asks Selena for forgiveness.

April # H 7

The main girl is a noblewoman. She thinks her sister wants to marry a man who is after her money. Her sister was planning to elope with that guy so the main girl dresses up as a servant to go outside to stop her sister. When trying to find her sister, she is abducted by the main guy. She was drugged to have the urge to have intercourse with him. After the drug wears off, she told him that she was going to tell on him. To prevent that he took her with him on a ship back to his home. He tried to seduce her to have sex with him but she denied him so he drugged her again. In the end she is pregnant and has a son but she leaves him and goes back home. He doesn't know that she was pregnant and looks for her every where. Later on he finds out that she went back home. Her sister does marry that guy that she eloped with but he is actually rich and loves her sister. The main girl takes her son, I think to the park and the main guy comes and says he wants to speak to her but she doesn't want to speak to him. And then the baby starts to cry, that is when he knew he had a son.

April # H 8

All Iremember is that it is a Regency with a lot of star ratings.Hero and heroine had a past and they loved each a lot. Hero belongs to upper class who intended to marry heroine but due to some misunderstandings they are seperated. Hero does not know that heroine is pregnant by him and she has miscarriage. After many years heroine's father( who works for hero or something) ask hero to marry his daughter as his dying wish. Hero does not know its the heroine he agreed to marry.Eventually they marry and the misunderstanding is resolved. There is another woman who wants to marry hero and she tries to create problems between hero and heroine. The cover of the book is very simple with heroine modestly dressed.

April # H 9

I am looking for a historical romance novel that I read about 7-10 years ago. The opening scene had a brother and sister (twins) with distinctive eyes watching an approaching knight and his band who were to take control of the castle from a tree. The sister attacks and wounds the knight but later stitches up his leg as she is the healer in the castle. The twin brother is part of a rebel group in the forest and at some point the sister tries to join him. One of the plot twists was that their mother is related to the King and they find this out from a birthmark on the girl's leg. The twin brother in the end is really horrible and tries to sell his sister to someone but the knight rescues her in the end.

April # H 10

What I remember is: The heroine is living in the country with a false name (Miss...something). The hero is her husband and he is a lord. They have been married for years but I think she ran away from him for some reason and has been in hiding. No one else knows of their marriage.
In the scene the heroine was going to a meeting/tea with another lady in the village and her husband is there. All through the meeting she is worrying that he will reveal her true identity to the lady. He sort of alludes to it and teases her. But he doesn't. Then we see the hero leaving the lady's house with one of his friends/brother (He came with his friend or brother. I cant remember which) I remember the friend (wanted to) flirted with his wife and outside the house the hero telling him not to flirt with his wife again. The hero is going to bring his wife back or win her over. Something about living like/ pretending to be a bachelor when he was actually married...in the book I read the excerpt in, I think the other London mothers were trying to get him to marry to their daughters. I'm not sure why they got married or the reason for the heroine to flee from him.

March # H 4

I am looking for a historical romance that includes an older woman or spinster. I know that the hero is an aristocrat (possibly an older brother of one of her friends). I think the plot has something to do with her wanting to experience sex. I believe he volunteers to teach her in making love. They go to his estate that only has 2 servants for like a month and fall in love there but go separate ways after. At some point they get back together and possibly there was a pregnancy. It is not Suddenly You.

Readers, if you have any answers for these questions, please email TRR, and be sure to include the month and the question number so we can list them accurately! As always, thanks for your help!
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