October 28, 2011

Readers Helping Readers FAQs

Where are good places to search for a missing title?

There are a number of good websites that might help you. Start with www.amazon.com, and try their Advanced Search. Even better, find any book that has reviews, go to the bottom of the reviews, and you'll see a search box to search reader reviews. Enter the keywords for your book and see what comes up. Here are some other sites that have good search capabilities:
Fiction Database - www.fictiondb.com - their basic search is pretty good.

Regency Romance - try www.thenonesuch.com, a great resource for Regencies. You can search the entire site or search within categories, such as plot.

Eye on Romance - www.eyeonromance.com -this site has sub-sites for particular genres, such as historicalromancewriters.com. You can search the entire network or just within a sub-site. One of the most useful features is the ability to search by hero/heroine if you know the name of one of the main characters.

I can't find my book! How do I submit it to you?

Send your question to Cathy at cathysova@gmail.com, and we'll do our best to post it in an upcoming column. Be sure to read the Tips, below, to give yourself the best chance of getting an answer.


Write your question in standard English, and check it over before you send it to us (aka Cathy's Pet Peeve) We don't have time to rewrite your question so readers can understand it. Please, leave out the texting shortcuts, and DO include basic punctuation. If we can't make sense of your question, we won't bother posting it. Our readers are wonderful folks who are trying to help out; give 'em a break and make your question readable.

Include as many of the details as you can remember, including names of characters and quirky bits that might set it apart from other novels. Also, tell us how long ago you read it, and whether it was a historical, contemporary, Regency, etc. Was it a single title or a category romance? All this will help identify it.

Check back to see if we ve posted an answer. We don't e-mail readers when we get a suggestion, but we post the answer as soon as we can.

If you find the book in the meantime, let us know. Our space is limited, and we'd like to use it for books that have yet to be found. If it's already posted, let us know anyway so we can add the answer.

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