The Perfect Match
by Kristan Higgins
(HQN, $7.99, PG-13) ISBN 978-0-373-77819-5
Kristan Higgins, youíve outdone yourself with The Perfect Match. Second in the Blue Heron series but a lovely stand alone novel, youíll want to treat yourself to a copy of The Perfect Match.

Honor Holland is a good girl, from a good family. She busts her butt working at the family vineyard and has adopted a sweet rescue dog. Life has been good, but she was just dumped by her super crush, and friend with benefits Brogan. And a few short weeks later, Honor ends up in a catfight with her best friend Dana when Dana and Brogan announce theyíre engaged. She finds herself alone in a heartbroken, angry state and doesnít know what to do with herself.

Tom Barlow is a math professor from England whoís moved to Manningsport, New York, to be near his unofficial stepson, Charlie. Tomís handsome, and with his accent, the girls flock to his class to listen to him teach. While Tom doesnít love teaching a gaggle of silly girls who arenít exactly interested in the subject matter, he just wants to be there for Charlie. Unfortunately, Tomís work visa is about to expire, and his workplace isnít helping him renew it. He has to figure out another way to get a green card and fast, because the angry, teenage Charlie being raised by his careless grandparents, really needs him.

Tom and Honor meet, and pretty quickly Honor decides to marry him so that he can get a green card and she wonít look like a complete loser anymore. Tom and Honor start spending time together so that they can plausibly get past immigration officials if they get questioned. Honor finds herself intrigued by the charming and sexy Tom, and his devotion to Charlie. Meanwhile, Tomís getting used to Honorís quiet, gentle presence in his life. Itís starting to feel like theyíre not faking their attraction anymore, as serious sparks start to fly in Manningsport.

The Perfect Match is the perfect book for romance fans whoíve been feeling a little disillusioned by the same-old, same-old storylines out there on the bookshelves.

Honor is a fresh, vibrant, truly real heroine. Her sweet nature, open vulnerabilities that make her a stronger, more identifiable person, and can-do attitude make sure super fun to read. Honorís always real and never a fainting flower without being abrasive, and I think other readers will love her too.

Tom, oh how I wish he was real. Heís one of the most poignant heroes Iíve read, ever. Tomís dialogue and wit will make you laugh, his struggles will make you sad, and his charm will make you love him.

Honorís family, who fills in the storyís background, is funny, and awesome entertainment. My favorites were her sister Pru and her brother in law Carl, who have a freaky deaky sex life and are hilariously open about it.

A highly recommended, wonderfully interesting and uplifting read, The Perfect Match is the perfect read for you.

--Amy Wroblewsky

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