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Intimate Betrayal by Donna Hill
(Arabesque/BET, $4.99, PG-13) ISBN: 1-58314-060-3
Intimate Betrayal will be the second of ten made-for-TV movies produced by BET Arabesque Films scheduled to air this fall. The film, based on the Donna Hill novel, will be shown in October on Black Entertainment Television.

Arabesque/BET Books is reissuing Intimate Betrayal with an updated cover as a tie-in to the film. I recommend reading Intimate Betrayal before watching the movie adaptation. There are so many plot twists and turns, you'll be breathless by the time you finish the book.

Reclusive businessman Maxwell Knight reluctantly agrees to be interviewed by an investigate reporter from a national magazine. His computer firm, MK Enterprises, is about to go public and his board of directors is sure that the company's increased visibility will have a positive impact on the initial public offering. Under pressure from the board, Max relents.

Reese Delaware is an ambitious young journalist who knows that her profile of Maxwell Knight is a career-making assignment. Confident and prepared, she sets out for her first interview only to discover that her subject was expecting "Reese Delaware" to be a man!

Max immediately recognizes the error in his assumption and is attracted to Reese. And she, who makes her living with words, is hard-pressed to describe the Maxwell Knight experience. But both are wary. Neither Reese nor Max can begin consider the future until they deal with an incredible amount of baggage from their pasts.

A personal and professional betrayal by a former lover, has left Max gun shy about entering into a relationship with Reese. In addition, Max, the son of an American serviceman stationed in Japan and a young geisha, must also reconcile his dual heritage.

"...he never knew where he belonged. She imagined that's a dilemma that many biracial children faced. To embrace the culture of one parent was almost to negate that of the other. And even more difficult for those who never had the chance to make a choice and living in a society that remained bigoted about mixed-race children. Where do they belong?"

Reese is the only survivor of an automobile crash that claimed the lives of both her parents. She was so traumatized by the accident that she suffered severe headaches, nightmares and cannot remember events that happened during the first fifteen years of her life...including the night her parents were killed.

Someone does not want Reese to complete her interview with Max and is going to great lengths to stop her. As Reese unravels the layers of Max's life, she discovers hidden truths about her own life. Life and love are on a collision course in this high-tech adventure.

Intimate Betrayal should come with a warning label. Not one of those ratings stickers for language or sexual content. No, Intimate Betrayal needs a variation of the admonition in automobile mirrors: CAUTION: The characters in this book are much closer than they seem!

Donna Hill has created an incredible tapestry. At one end, the characters' lives are tightly woven into unique and often disturbing patterns. At the other end, those lives are unraveling at dizzying speed. There are extramarital affairs, family affairs, interracial affairs, governmental affairs and foreign affairs -- just for starters. If you think you can tell the players in this book without a score card, you don't know how wrong you are.

Intimate Betrayal is Donna Hill at her best.

--Gwendolyn Osborne

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