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Hiding in the Shadows
by Kay Hooper
(Bantam, $6.50, PG) ISBN 0-553-57692-5
Life is full of ironies. Faith Parker had escaped an abusive marriage on the west coast and made her way to Atlanta, only to fall victim to an automobile accident that leaves her in a coma. While in the hospital, she is visited by Dinah Leighton, an investigative reporter and philanthropist. Dinah met Faith earlier at Haven House, a home for abused women and children, and they had become instant friends - a friendship cemented by their mutual talent for ESP.

Hiding in the Shadows begins on the day that Dinah, who has been working on a major story involving corruption in high places, fails to come home. Her disappearance is a source of consternation to Kane MacGregor, an architect who has been trying to get Dinah to agree to a long-term, committed relationship. As days go by, Kane becomes more and more desperate.

With no help in sight, Kane offers a million dollars for information leading to Dinah’s safe return. This is tantamount to placing a bulls-eye on his back. He doesn’t realize that it is also putting Faith at risk

Faith, who has miraculously emerged from her coma, finds that she has total amnesia. When she is released from the hospital and sees her apartment for the first time, she is struck by the absence of any personal items. She is also surprised to learn that Dinah Leighton has arranged a trust fund for her that will pay the hospital bill and provide her with financial support.

Soon, Faith begins to have odd fragments of memory suddenly flit through her mind. The problem is that the memories are of Dinah and Kane, and then of Dinah’s abduction. She seeks out Kane to share this knowledge and they are thrown together in their search for Dinah.

Faith falls rapidly in love with Kane, and Kane is strangely attracted to Faith. This makes him angry with guilt, and also angry with her because she reminds him so much of Dinah, although physically they are very different. Faith struggles to recover any memories of her past life, and struggles to share the snatches of memory concerning Dinah with Kane hoping to help him find her before it is too late.

Hiding in the Shadows is the second book in Hooper’s Shadow series and she does a very good job developing likeable characters one can care about. Her segues between scenes are seamless, and her pacing is exceptional. She integrates well-developed characters into a fairly complicated plot, maintaining perfect balance as she develops the people and the plot at the same time.

To reveal any more would ruin this pleasurable reading experience. The book profits from the blending of the emotional subtleties people experience in times of great stress with the unrelenting suspense that moves to an unexpected ending.

--Thea Davis

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