by Michelle Huneven
(Farrar, Straus and Giroux, $25) ISBN 978-0374114305
Vivacious history professor Pasty MacLemoore knows she has a drinking problem.  She’s already had her license suspended and is familiar with the inside of a jail cell.  But this time when she wakes from her blackout she learns that she’s being held for the homicide of two Jehovah’s Witnesses she’s run over in her own driveway. 

Michelle Huneven’s novel, Blame, follows Patsy as she lives her life with the knowledge that she’s committed the greatest crime of all.  Through her stint in prison, her release, and her marriage, Patsy lives under the umbrella of oppressive guilt. 

Huneven does a believable job of steering Patsy through the examination of her life and the choices she makes in the aftermath of her disaster.  When, twenty years later, Pasty learns an astonishing fact about the incident she must re-examine her life and investigate new choices now open to her.  Blame is a thoughtful novel of moral consequence just begging to be read and discussed by book groups.

--Laura Johnson

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