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Loose Ends: a Steele Street Novel
by Tara Janzen
(Dell, $7.99, PG-13)  ISBN 978-0-440-24610-7
Many moons ago, a street rat under an assumed name picked the pocket of the wrong man.  J.T. Chronopolous had been there, done worse, and gotten away with it – so he was more than happy to call Jane Linden's bluff.  By the time Jane's deft fingers plucked J.T.'s wallet, he was already part of an elite group called Steele Street (most of whom, it happens, had the same not-quite-legal beginnings as J.T.), and in a matter of time he knew everything there was to know about the brunette who'd been scouting him from the rooftops.

A short time and a young broken heart later, J.T. Chronopolous is dead, killed in one of the semi-shady missions in which Steel Street partakes for hefty fees.  Jane Linden was at his funeral.  Six years later, as Tara Janzen's latest Steel Street novel, Loose Ends, opens, Jane meets paths with a man who could be J.T.'s drastically scarred twin.  Though "reformed" and a contributing member of society now, Jane lifts his wallet and is disappointed when she reads the man's name: Conroy Farrell.

Regardless, Jane, who works for the wife of one of Steel Street's higher-ups and has remained friends with the group, reports the incident.  Steel Street already knows to be true what Jane's heart is telling her: J.T. Chronopolous isn't dead, though for all intents and purposes, he's coming back from it.  The men who were once J.T.'s best friends want to save him, but he's the enemy now, working for an opposing force that technologically enhances their agents despite the fact that said enhancement prove deadly.

In the hopes of bringing J.T. back peacefully, he is lured back into the Steel Street building – and Jane proves a good lure.  Things that Conroy Farrell has no business knowing about the inner workings of this sanctuary for powerful metal and equally powerful people keep clouding his mind.  Con's on a mission, though: Steel Street has one of his compatriots, a young spitfire of a woman named Scout, and he's not leaving without her. 

Obviously, chaos breaks loose in the building and is only compounded by the fact that nearly every person within is working at opposing angles.  Con ends up stealing a car that happens to have Jane in it, and together they hit the road, each with different goals.  However, as Con gets closer to rediscovering himself, and Jane comes to terms with the fact that everything she has believed about the past six years hasn't been necessarily true, the two come together to fight the man who may very well be at the base of all of Con's – and numerous others' – problems. 

Working together and surviving together takes Jane and Con a long way back toward the roots of their relationship, but after six years, a lot has changed, and Loose Ends makes the best of this reunion story.  A great romantic suspense – heavy on the action flick sequences – brimming with fun dialogue and heart-rending flashbacks, Loose Ends is a quality addition to the Steel Street series and will certainly have readers coming back every time Janzen releases another title.  It's also a great title to add to your summer reading pile: totally fun and completely unbelievable.

--Sarrah Knight

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