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Silent Confessions by Julie Kenner
(Harlequin, $5.99, NC-17) ISBN 0-373-83589
Silent Confessions is guaranteed to raise your body temperature: this book is hot, hot stuff. I can recommend this book if you are looking for fine, erotic sex scenes. However, if you're looking for romance, this steamy story comes close but doesn't quite make the grade.

Veronica "Ronnie" Archer owns a bookstore, which is part of the building she inherited from her father. The building is starting to fall apart and constantly needs work; her half-brother, Nat, wants her to sell even though he would lose his apartment.

Ronnie has no intention of selling her building, but times are tough. Ronnie's bookstore is filled with erotica and she's planning to write her dissertation on the subject. However, despite the classes she gives her customers, she can't seem to move her merchandise.

Studying erotica is Ronnie's joy and, at the moment, her only passion. Being divorced and having no sex life is not easy when a person spends most of her day reading about the passionate moments of others.

So when Jack Parker, a good-looking New York detective, asks her to help him with a sex crimes case involving a stalker who leaves messages that are based on classic erotica, she invites him up to her apartment and shows him her collection of erotic Japanese sketches. Jack takes her hint and sticks around to show her that he can appreciate art as much as the next guy.

Jack becomes Ronnie's willing pupil in and out of the bedroom. Jack starts to care for Ronnie and worries that she is only interested in sex. He would like to have a more normal relationship, but his case keeps getting in the way.

Jack is determined to find his stalker, but all roads seem to lead back to Ronnie and her bookstore. Things escalate when a customer of Ronnie's is found dead.

Silent Confessions comes close to bringing erotic sex and romance together. I have to not so silently confess that many of the erotic scenes made me want to call the man in my life and tell him to get over to my place a.s.a.p.

However, as sexy as this book is, it just doesn't quite make my romantic grade because I need more than great sex to believe that two people belong together. Bottom line: it takes very little time for this story to become steamy; it takes too much time for this story to become a romance.

--Judith Flavell

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