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White Lies by Jayne Ann Krentz
(Putnam, $24.95, PG-13) ISBN 0-399-15373-X
If you enjoy reading about people who have psychic powers and you have been reading Krentz’s “Arcane Society novels,” then this is not only a very good story, it may even be a keeper for you. If, like me, this is your first novel in the series, then you will find it very good and possibly worth digging out the back list. Either way, it is a treat filled with both drama and romance.

The Arcane Society concept is simple yet convoluted. The premise is that there are millions of people who have special sensitivities (what some might call intuition and others ESP like psychic powers). There is a test that can define how strong the power is and what the category of talent might be in. Tens are rare and the lower the number, the less developed your talent is. There is also a group of founding fathers (Jones & Jones) who have some formula that helps strengthen these powers. In the wrong hands, this formula could be used for evil purposes. White Lies is based on the premise that someone is out there trying to establish a sect to get the formula or a derivative of it. Our heroes are out to stop them.

Jake Salter works for Jones & Jones and is currently undercover. Publicly, he’s a consultant to Glazebrook, Inc. Arthur Glazebrook is a self-made millionaire. He and his partner, Owen Shipley, started their company and have maintained their friendship for years. Recently, there has been a slight glitch in their family’s togetherness. Arthur’s daughter Elizabeth married Shipley’s stepson. She promptly started showing signs of stress and almost ended up in a mental hospital. Luckily for her, Arthur’s illegitimate daughter, Clare Lancaster, helped Elizabeth get out of the marriage and find her life again. During the divorce, the stepson ended up dead, apparently from some random burglary gone bad. Clare found the body. It is now six months later and Clare is back in Phoenix at the request of Arthur. Clare isn’t back in town more than a few days when Valerie Shipley, Owen’s second wife who was convinced Clare killed her son, ends up dead…and Clare discovers the body floating in the pool.

Now Jake and Clare join forces to figure out who killed who and why because it all looks like it is mixed up in the plot around the formula. When both Jake and Clare almost get killed several times, the stakes rise. The fact that Clare is a level ten “lie detector” and Jake is a level ten “hunter” just add to the fun.

This story follows Krentz’s style and pulls you into the mystery immediately, even though it is hard to follow all the psychic stuff that is happening. She makes it all seem so normal though, it is easy to accept both Clare and Jake for who they are. The sensuous interplay, the casual interplay and the humorous interplay throughout their relationship is appealing no matter whether you like the tinge of the paranormal in the story. Their romance is delectable. Their adventures are exciting and the plot is unique enough to keep one guessing throughout.

The final resolution for the Arcane Society is left open and there are hints that there may be more books coming. But the storyline within this story is wrapped up neatly and completely. Clare and Jake may even be recurring characters and have more investigations in their future. But if not, theirs is a happily ever after that can be envisioned at the end of this story. White Lies is a story filled with romance, mystery, humor and a large dose of enjoyment.

--Shirley Lyons

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