Not Planning on You
by Sydney Landon
(Signet, $7.99, PG-13) ISBN 978-0451419620
Not Planning On You was a pretty fun little bit of fluff. I liked all of the main protagonists, and even the evil ex turned out to be fairly likeable.Iím not sure itís one I would keep permanently but it would make a good beach read.

Our heroine, Suzanna (but please call her Suzy) Danvers happens to have the great fortune to live in one of my favorite vacation places, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I knew this book was going to be fun once it was set there! She met our hero, Greyson Merimon (his last name caused me no end of giggles in my reading, I have to admit) last year, due to work, but she was still recovering from a bad breakup and declined his attempts to spend time away from the office with her. This time, things are different. Her heart is healed, and heís moving to Myrtle Beach permanently, so they decide a fun evening and no-strings sex is just what they both want.

Well, unfortunately, fate is not kind to our lovers, and poor Suzy catches her heel on a stair. (She has a pronounced fondness for over-the-top, sexy clothing - leather, lace, leopard print - and shoes to match, which was a fun little extra). She suffers a traumatic, ankle-breaking fall, and Grey whisks her off to the ER and considers himself her main caretaker from then on. He immediately starting calling her ďBabyĒ the instant she was injured, which made me want to smack him, for some reason.

Greyson came to view Suzy as his ideal woman over the year or so they were separated. He is so intent on taking care of her, because she has become so precious to him, that while she is recovering in the hospital he rushes out to buy a house so that she can come home with him. It just happened to be her dream house, which I found cute but a little trite. Of course, living together just ramps up their already hot attraction to each other, and as soon as itís physically possible, theyíve moved on to the next level, and a single bed.

Everything seems to be moving along quite nicely for our happy couple, except for one thing: Grey is keeping secrets, namely a secret stalker ex named Reva. Naturally this causes some huge issues with the fledgling romance between him and Suzy. Suzy is not a pushover and she isnít going to let another man break her heart like her high-school sweetheart did. I liked her for that. The Reva situation has a couple of twists in it, and you come to understand and even sympathize with her, though I never really liked her.

Overall, I thought Not Planning On You was a perfect rainy day, curl up on the couch, escape read. It wasnít the best, most compelling romance Iíve read, but neither of the main characters really annoyed me, either.

--Jessica Smith

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