Going Cowboy Crazy
by Katie Lane
(Warner Forever, $5.99, R) ISBN 978-0-446-58278-0
Going Cowboy Crazy is an offbeat love story between a city slicker bent on finding herself, and a super hot cowboy.

Faith Aldridge has led a pretty boring life, being a very good girl and trying to impress her brilliant older parents by getting good grades, and staying out of trouble. Now, her parents have died, and just before they did, she discovered that she’s adopted with a twin sister in the small town of Bramble, Texas.

Faith heads out to the small town to find her sister, Hope. She quickly finds out that everyone in the town bar that she stumbles upon thinks that she is Hope. Playing along to see what information she can find, she fools almost everyone, except for the smoking hot Slate Calhoun. Slate dated Hope from time to time, and he hasn’t seen her in awhile since she ran off to Hollywood, but he knows for sure that this short haired, city accented girl isn’t Hope.

Slate and Faith are slammed together through a series of planned mishaps and coincidences by the well-meaning townfolk who believe that Hope’s back to pick up where she left off with Slate. Even when Faith tells everyone who she is, no one really believes her. She and Slate start succumbing to their mutual lust, and just when it seems like they’re so intimate that they might actual start communicating beyond the physical, Hope’s parents show up, and guess what – they’re Faith’s parents too. It seems that they only gave up one twin for adoption, a situation as boggling to the reader as it is hurtful to Faith. Not only do they drop that bombshell, but they make a big deal about Slate’s relationship with Hope.

Now Faith is completely devastated by her birth parents’ past actions, and she also believes that Slate’s been messing with her and her sister. With her adoptive parents gone, she really has no one to turn to, to sort the whole mess out, and she hasn’t even met her sister yet.

Going Cowboy Crazy started out really well, with Faith in her new red shoes going into a small town bar trying to find her sister, and getting kissed by Slate instead. Faith’s gentle character and reticent ways really shine against the brash and outspoken town characters that want to help out their hometown girl, Hope.

Also, Slate starts out pretty well, all Taxes twang and unabashed sexuality. Unfortunately, that’s as far as he gets as his personality and background stay fairly vacant emotionally throughout the story, and he becomes just a prop.

The townspeople become caricatures of themselves as their silliness overcomes every other aspect of personality. I didn’t really know what the vast background list of people contributed to the story in general. They were missing the charm that I appreciate from other small town background stories.

All in all, I was very disappointed with Going Cowboy Crazy, since the story definitely didn’t live up to its great first chapter promise.

--Amy Wroblewsky

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