A Beauty Uncovered
by Andrea Laurence
by Andrea Laurence
This is a heartwarming story despite being a bit of a cliche. There is a bit of a Beauty and the Beast theme and this alone makes it with a lot of platitudes.

Brody Eden is a multi-millionaire CEO who is also a recluse. He runs a business from his penthouse office that is restricted to everyone but his assistant and his security officer. Even with them, he often uses text and email, a special drawer that goes between offices and little personal interaction. Brody was hit with a bottle of acid as a young child by his father. He was lucky enough to get involved with the Eden family and did have a chance to feel love. Yet he is leery of people, tired of the reactions he gets – either horror or pity. His current assistant is 60 years old, married and someone he trusts. But she is going on a month long vacation. She suggests he hire her goddaughter as a temporary hire.

Samantha Davis is a lovely young woman who is known by her family as “a fixer.” She often feels sympathy and wants people to do well. She was fired from her last job when she fell for a charming boss who was also married. She is determined to learn from her mistakes. She is amazed when first she has to sign a confidentiality clause and then when she is informed that she may not see her boss. IF she sees him and when she sees him – is up to him. But Sam wants to know what is up and is convinced that she can help him. Luckily, she doesn’t see his scars, but rather his incredible blue eyes. This surprises him and their attraction is mutual.

The story moves on the attraction and their various insecurities. There are love scenes that are compelling with some scenes that only happen in romance novels. For example, Brody rents a private jet and pays enough that they never see anyone – not the pilots, the baggage handlers or anyone in the office.

In the background is some history from the previous books in the series. This feels a bit contrived but it is clear that this storyline will set up the next stories. The romance is nice and the two complement each other. If you enjoy fairy tales, then the story will engage you. And you will enjoy A Beauty Uncovered.

--Shirley Lyons

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