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A Weaver Wedding
by Allison Leigh
(Silh. Spec. Ed #1965, $4.99, PG) ISBN 0373-65447-2
A Weaver Wedding is one of those unexpected pleasures – a narrative that is filled with a love story, a little bit of suspense, a great family and characters that grow as the story develops. 

Tara Browning has always been a bit shy. Her father was a CIA agent and they moved around all the time. Tara never knew a normal life and even though there was love, there was nothing that could be called security. Her twin brother Sloan went into the undercover cop business and got mixed up with a major crime family. In order to protect her, he hired an agency to help her resettle away from their Chicago home into a nice small town in Weaver, Wyoming. Tara has been here for a few years now, with little to no word from her brother. She owns her own gift store and is as settled as she has ever been. But she holds herself apart from the town, having plenty of acquaintances, but few real friends.

Axel Clay is the son of one of the larger families in town, with his uncle owning the Double C Ranch and his father one of the men who has always been with the Hollins-Winword Agency.  This is the agency that Sloan hired and Axel is one of their men. He and Sloan have a history.  Axel was the bodyguard that failed to protect Sloan’s previous girlfriend from being killed by the gang. Sloan has never forgiven him. He is not thrilled to find out that Axel will be watching over his sister, but until the big trial is over, there is nothing he can do about it. Sloan would be even less happy if he knew about the complications between Axel and Tara.

Four months ago, at the start of the tale, Tara was waiting in a bar to see Sloan. He sent her a note, asking her to meet him, and he didn’t show. In her drunkenness, she met Axel and they fell into bed – for three days and nights. Their loving was ecstasy. But Axel left her high and dry without a word. She found out she was pregnant and had decided to just raise the child by herself. Now Axel is back and telling her he will be dogging her 24/7 until the death threat against Sloan is withdrawn or the trial ends.

These two lit up the pages. Axel is a man with a mission, determined to keep Tara alive. But he is wildly attracted to her and would never have left her if duty had not called. But he can’t really tell her that without risking betraying a secret. Tara meanwhile is so used to being on her own, she resents Axel’s attempts to treat her like a child…yet she doesn’t want him to know about the baby that will soon start making its presence known.

This story is part of a series about the men of the Double C and we are introduced to a whole slew of characters. This is family at its best and Tara is enthralled, as she glimpses something she never had before. The suspense about the plot is intermingled with Axel and Tara trying very hard to forget their feelings. The threats feel real and the reactions seem realistic, even if the circumstances are a bit unusual. The final part of the story sets up Ryan’s story and even that felt logical. 

It is not often that a category romance that captures my imagination and delivers both romance and suspense in such a heightened manner. I want to rush out and find the previous stories about the Clay family and look for future installments. Leigh has truly written a story worth coming back to in A Weaver Wedding

--Shirley Lyons

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