Hometown Honey

Tame an Older Man

Under Deepest Cover

Virgin Promise

An Honorable Man
by Kara Lennox
(Harl. Am. Rom. #1154, $4.99, PG) ISBN 0-373-75158-7
“Firehouse 59” is the series and the heroine is the only female firefighter, Priscilla Garner. Her hero works for the fire department but not at the firehouse, making this an easy to accept workplace romance.

Roark Epperson is a captain in the arson investigator’s office and his sole goal right now is to catch the serial arsonist who has been starting fires with the intent of injuring firefighters. Three have already died and Roark is determined that no more will. The arsonist sets the fire and then rigs up something like a bomb or a booby trap that a firefighter would encounter just doing his normal bit in fighting a fire. This makes every fire an added danger. Roark is also divorced and feeling ready to settle down. He is intrigued with Priscilla, with whom he had a brief affair a few years before when both were feeling a bit down. He has never forgotten the sparks that flew between them.

Priscilla is resigned to never having a family, even though she would love to adopt kids. She had medical complications as a teenager and her parents were forced to agree to have both of her ovaries removed. She has worked through the resentment but has not yet worked through the anger and hurt when a man she thought she wanted to marry dumped her when he found out he could not have a biological family with her. Now she is gun shy and convinced that many men will treat her like that, so why bother.

She hooks up with Roark again when her cousin’s wedding comes up and she needs a date so her mother will not play matchmaker and fix her up with someone. She comes up with the idea to have a “fake” boyfriend to take the pressure off and then “break up” after the event. Roark agrees to the deception with the intent to change her mind later. He wants to see where their relationship will go. The arsonist and the baby issue are the conflicts.

These two were good together and watching their romance was delightful. Their families are unique yet familiar and their interactions seemed just right. The other firefighters are part of their family and they rally around Pris when she needs it and are supportive of Roark at the same time. Pris proves herself without being ultra feminist and the combination of her tough and softer side is what really makes her real. Roark is macho yet is caring. He has some issues, but he is a hero who knows that life can throw some curve balls at you and he doesn’t get distressed. He actually confronts Pris and doesn’t let things brew between them. This is a refreshingly communicative relationship without being over the top mushy!

I have enjoyed Lennox’s Firehouse series and look forward to more installments.

--Shirley Lyons

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