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Under Deepest Cover
by Kara Lennox
(Silh. Desire #1735, $4.50, R) ISBN 0373-76735-8
This is an engaging little romance about spies and deception and falling in love. The heroine is feisty, making her seem real. The hero is warm despite trying to be the big. strong. protective sort. Under Deepest Cover is a good addition to the “Elliotts” series.

Bryan Elliott is the only one in the family who did not go into the publishing business. Instead, he opened a restaurant and became a spy. Bryan was recruited in college to join the CIA and later a small branch of the Homeland Security Department. He is always undercover and his restaurant allows him to travel without raising the suspicions of his family. He is always off seeking new recipes and spices. He is currently involved in a case under a code name of “Casanova.” His cohorts are named “Stungun” and “Orchid” with his boss’s name being “Siberia.” None of them know their real identities, just their codenames.

They are working on a case where money is being shifted from a pension fund into a charity that is then giving the money to terrorists. They know what charity it is; they are just trying to trace the money to the man behind it. The transactions are taking place in a little finance company, and that is where Lucy Miller comes in. Lucy is a plain looking, inexperienced CPA who needed a good job and this one landed in her lap. From Kansas and a very conservative family, Lucy is trying to prove she is worthwhile after having gone on a wild spree, sleeping with a rock star and generally being irresponsible. The Agency has recruited Lucy to get the inside files and download some information off the firm’s computer system. Casanova is her contact.

When Lucy begins to suspect that someone has been through her apartment she gets scared and contacts Casanova to get her out NOW. Bryan, thinking she is being paranoid, comes to see her. He immediately realizes she is in danger and takes her to a safe house. When he suspects one of his own as being in on the plot, he takes her to his house in New York, above his trendy restaurant. There they again go undercover to protect Lucy while they sift through all her evidence. She changes her name to Lindsay Morgan and acts as his girlfriend for his family and friends.

As one might expect, love explodes only as it can in the Desire series…mind-numbing sex and seductions. You will never eat cake again without thinking about this book. But trouble comes just as quickly as love and there is a question whether they will survive long enough to have to figure out if they can have a future together.

This book stands well on its own, but there are references and visits from the Elliott clan that relate to previous stories and future cast members. It is a fun family and makes one wonder what the other stories are like. The story moves along and is generally hard to put down once started.

The negative aspects about this book revolve around the spy plot. The villain seems to come out of nowhere and no motivation for his crime is given. The intricacy of some of the scheme is hard to buy, when ultimately, the crime is so simple. There is a suspension of belief that is required by the reader, and at times is pretty far out there, thus keeping the tale from moving into four- heart territory.

All in all, if you are looking for a nice romance with some hot scenes to get you through the day or your lunch hour, then look no further. Under Deepest Cover fits the bill.

--Shirley Lyons

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