Final book in the Marriage Makers trilogy

Too Smart for Marriage
by Cathie Linz
(Harl. L&L #51, $3.50, PG-13) ISBN 0-373-44051-0
Did you ever read a book that was like ice cream, sweet to the taste and smooth going down? Only it was supermarket vanilla ice cream and you really wanted Brigham's Mocha Almond? Cathie Linz's Too Smart for Marriage is just that vanilla ice cream book.

Anastasia Knight is the remaining single Knight triplet, which a source of concern to her fairy godmothers, Hattie, Betty and Muriel Goodie. After their success in matching her brothers with their soul mates in the previous books of this trilogy, the fairy godmothers are determined not to fail with Anastasia. There's just one problem: Anastasia's particular godmother, Hattie, blessed her with a bit too much intelligence and a dash too much attitude.

To help Anastasia meet up with her soul mate, David Sullivan, Hattie, Betty and Muriel arrange for Anastasia to befriend the woman who raised David, his grandmother Claire. With Anastasia's encouragement, Claire buys the building Anastasia lives in for the shop on the ground floor. Claire intends to fulfill a lifelong dream and open an ice cream shop in her building.

David, a burned out arson investigator who doesn't believe in dreams, immediately suspects Anastasia of being some kind of con artist. Determined to keep an eye on this charmer, he persuades his grandmother to let him live in the vacant apartment on the third floor. And he and Anastasia start to get to know one another.

I finished reading this book a week ago, and it's taken me this long to think what to say about it. It's a nice book. The fairy godmothers aren't too annoying and if the appearance of Anastasia's brothers and their wives late in the story is plainly to show how they're doing after their own stories ended, still, it's not very intrusive. Cathie Linz's writing is clean and spare, the love scene sizzled and I even laughed out loud at one point.

So why am I not quite recommending it? Because it was a little bland, a little too vanilla. And I really wanted Mocha Almond. You, on the other hand, may find it exactly the flavor you crave.

--Katy Cooper

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