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Baby on the Run
by Kate Little
(Silh. Spec. Ed # 1896, $4.99, PG) ISBN 0-373-24896-2
Baby on the Run is the second in a series about single women with babies.† In this tale, Carey Mooreland is on the run from a man she worked for who was embezzling and cooking his books.† Carey was a recently widowed young mother who was vulnerable.† She thought this man was just being supportive, until she started to point out some of the mistakes she was finding in his accounting.† Then he got threatening and let her know that all she had to do was marry him and they would be set for life.† Carey, with the help of a friendly couple, left town with her baby Lindsey, changed her name and headed to Canada via the Northeast.† She ended up in Blue Lake, Vermont.† She made some friends and thought she could hide there until the couple told her that the man had hired investigators to find her and the D.A.ís office was interested in talking to her.† They wanted to know if she was in on the schemes and were on her tail.

So Carey took off again and that is where we meet her.† She is driving along a snow-covered road in the middle of a storm and crashes after almost hitting a deer.† A man finds her and takes her in.† Ben Martin is an off-duty policeman and he takes her to his cabin for the night because it is close.† They are right outside Greenbriar, Maine.† Ben is attracted and so is Carey.† But Ben is still reeling from a nasty divorce during which his ex-wife did him wrong.† And Carey has her secrets.

The story follows Carey as she decides to stay in Greenbriar, thinking she is safe in this small town.† She is embraced by Benís family and she and Ben realize they have an attraction they canít ignore.† We meet Thea, Benís widowed mother as she develops a relationship with another man and Ben struggles with her new view on life.† We meet Luanne, Benís sister, who is a gourmet chef and is helping their mother turn their Inn into more than just a place to stay.† And we get to know Ben, who is a really nice guy, good lover and a man who many women would jump on if he offered.

But Carey has her secret, and her whole life is ruled by the need to protect her daughter.† This was okay up to a point, but once Carey and Ben started realizing they were falling in love, her inability to come clean lost me.† I thought she acted cowardly at times, and stupid at others.†† This discontent infected my view on the rest of the story, which had a climatic ending, albeit easily seen from a mile away.

Kate Little has the ability to draw the reader into the story.† Her characters are well written and despite my dissatisfaction with Careyís actions, I still liked her most of the way.† The other characters were well developed and engaging too.

Baby on the Run is a nice little tale and can be enjoyed for the surface story easily.† Those who are more discerning in their categories tales will not as delighted.†

--Shirley Lyons

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