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Dad in Disguise by Kate Little
(Silh. Special Ed. #1889, $4.99, PG) ISBN 0-373-24889-X
Rachel Reilly left her fiancé when she discovered he was cheating on her. She moved to a small town in Vermont, opened her own store featuring her baby designs and had a baby – a result of a sperm bank donation. She was determined to have the kind of life she wanted, even if she couldn’t find a man who would be faithful or stick with her.

Jack Sawyer, architect and owner of his own firm, has just survived a cancer scare and is ready to get on with his life. In one of his weaker emotional moments, he donated sperm thinking it might be the only legacy he left behind. Now he knows he has the chance to produce his own offspring the old-fashioned way if he can find a woman who he could love. But when he goes to eliminate his donation, he discovers he is already a father. (Just exactly how Jack manages to find out this information is glossed over.) Knowing he doesn’t have any real rights doesn’t stop his determination to see his son and make sure he is growing up in a good home.

Rachel needs help with a construction project, because the house she bought is costing her a little more than she had hoped and it is her goal to fix up the cottage on the property so she can earn the money from the rental. But her handyman can’t get to the job and she is getting nervous. Enter a stranger, Jack Sawyer, who not only agrees to get to the work right away, he offers excellent ideas on saving money while improving the look of the space. He is cute and seems taken with her son, to boot.

Beyond the title, the plot line of this story could be seen a mile away. Jack doesn’t tell Rachel who he is, even after he finds the attraction strong. There is a big misunderstanding in the future. He puts his business on hold and lets Rachel think he is down and out, when he can actually buy and sell her many times over. He is coincidentally very handy with a hammer, something not all architects are. He is just vulnerable enough and yet, just macho enough to have the reader buy his story and get on his side.

Rachel, meanwhile, fights her attraction, nervous giving her heart to any man, especially one who seems to have so many inconsistencies and secrets. She doesn’t trust her instincts since she was so wrong about her previous love interest. She is a great mom and has started to build her new life, something she can be respected for. Her friends help her see the accomplishments she has attained, despite some people’s view that she did not do the right thing by moving and having a child on her own.

Despite the predictability of the plot and the reactions, I did enjoy this tale. Rachel is a good woman and Jack is a nice guy. The reader roots for them and the author gives us just enough depth to entertain. Dad in Disguise doesn’t set any new parameters but it is a nice way to spend a few hours.

--Shirley Lyons

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