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The Last Bullet by Merline Lovelace
(Mira, $6.99, R) ISBN 0-7789-2181-9
In the last installment of the Cleo North trilogy, Cleo is off to London to solve a murder. Former US Air Force investigator Cleo owns a private security business. The USAF Office of Special Investigations has contracted her to find the murderer. Luckily, she’ll be working with hunky Special Agent Major Jack Donovan from the OSI again. This time the two are assisting British Intelligence.  

The murder victim, Captain Douglas Caswell of the Air Force, has a checkered past. Not only did he score six grand off a US senator in poker, but he’s also been investigated (but not charged) with black marketeering in Turkey and computer porn. Recently, he’s gotten a Muslim girl pregnant. In post 9/11 days the OSI thinks maybe there are terrorist ties to his death.  

MI-6 agent Lady Joanna Marston has specifically requested Cleo and Jack for this assignment. (She worked with Cleo and Jack in The Middle Sin.) What has really caught the attention of British Intelligence is the murder weapon. Ballistics show that Caswell was murdered with bullets manufactured in 1939 purchased by the UK from the US during the war. The gun is traced back to Grenadier Sergeant Clive Gordon of the UK Special Operations Executive. The catch is that the plane carrying Grenadier Sergeant Gordon disappeared over the English Channel in 1943.  

So how did Caswell get himself killed with a gun that is supposed to be at the bottom of the English Channel? Cleo, Jack, and Joanna find their lives in danger as they get closer to the truth.

  As Cleo puts it, she and Jack have been “jumping” each other whenever they had the chance. They’re both dancing around taking their steamy relationship to the next level when the drunk ex-Mrs. Donovan pops up again. A secondary romance (for Joanna) is set up when an officer from Her Majesty’s Royal Navy is needed to dive the Channel.  

The Last Bullet is such a fun read. As my mom said in her review of The First Mistake (book one), “Cleo North is a definite kick-ass heroine with designer clothes and a take-charge attitude.” Who wouldn’t enjoy reading about a smart woman who can take down attackers, handle weapons, has a great sense of humor and who, in the midst of a murder case, still cares about her outfit and shoes? You have to appreciate a woman who knows when to wear kick ass shoes and when to wear sexy heels. And who can resist a tall, muscular man with blue eyes like Donovan, especially dressed in BDUs?

Fans of military thrillers can’t go wrong with Merline Lovelace's latest.

--Terry Lawrence

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