Ten Ways to Be Adored When Landing a Lord
by Sarah MacLean
(Avon, $7.99, PG-13) ISBN 978-0-06-185206-0
Sarah MacLean has done an excellent job in the emotional and super-charged story titled Ten Ways to Be Adored When Landing a Lord. The story lives up to its fun title and doesnít disappoint in keeping the reader interested and invested in the characters.

Lady Isabel Townsend finds herself, again, facing a shrill man who has come to her house to collect his winnings Ė Isabel herself. This isnít the first time Isabel has been wagered by her long gone father while gambling. He left them seven years ago and has done nothing but gamble away their money and let their house turn into shambles. Isabelís mother was so depressed when her husband left that she died from sadness. This left Isabel to raise her baby brother and maintain the house even though all the servants had abandoned them.

Nicholas St. John has been named a Lord to Land by the local magazine called Pearls and Pelisses, which has taken it upon themselves to educate the general female ton how to grab a sought after Lord by following ten simple rules. Nick tries as hard as he can to escape the attention, but finds himself surrounded by eager women wherever he goes. Lord Leightonís sister, Georgiana, has gone missing and Nick takes the opportunity to flee London in search of her.

Nick is skilled as a bulan (ďhunterĒ) due to his travel and work in the Orient and Turkey, so finding a lead on the whereabouts of Georgiana is not difficult. He finds himself at Townsend Park after he meets Isabel and she approaches him about selling her marbles. Nick has experience in antiquities and feels the lead is worth exploring. After spending time at Townsend park, he find that all is not what it seems at the run down house or with Isabel.

Isabel is keeping many secrets at Townsend Park and after she hears news that the her father has died her worry about the house and the discovery of its contents causes her a lot of stress. She has no money for the education of the young Earl or the maintenance of the house, so she turns to Nick to appraise her prized marbles to keep her mission afloat. Her life has been dedicated to helping women in trouble and giving them a place to live and a life to start over at Townsend Park. Isabel is intrigued by Nick, but continues to keep him at armís length because she isnít willing to trust him with her secrets.

I really enjoyed Ten Ways to Be Adored When Landing a Lord. The writing is engaging and the roller-coaster ride the reader takes with the main characters keeps the pace going. The author manages to tell the story of Isabel and Nick in a way that had me feeling I was in the story.

The reader is given a thorough background of both Isabel and Nick, which enriches the story, but is not done in a way that bogs it down. The tempo is just right, and the many ups and downs as the relationship of Isabel and Nick grows helps keep the plot going. Isabel emerges as an amazing, independent, and caring person. Her wittiness towards Nick is entertaining and admirable especially for the time period this story is set.

The only thing that could have been developed better is the secondary characters. Isabelís cousin Lara and Nickís friend Rock develop an interest in each other, but this relationship and how it develops was barely mentioned. While I understand, the author probably didnít want to take away from the main characters; itís always nice to get to know the other characters a little better.

Ten Ways to Be Adored When Landing a Lord is an enjoyable and fun story and I have given it 5 hearts because I will definitely keep this one on my bookshelf and encourage friends to read it.

--Nichole Howell

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